Entertainment Mon, 26 Jan 2009

Nana B excited About recent Award

Judgment Day Promotions Inc, in-conjunction with 3G Media Inc. awarded Nana Kweisi Bediako with a prestigious award for new male gospel artist of the year during their 2nd annual Pastor's and Musicians award 2008.

According to Judgment Day Promotions, "After prayer consideration and thorough deliberation with other men of God and musicians, we have discovered that it is imperative to exalt the work of God in the church by honoring those who have imparted our community in a positive way through the Gospel of Jesus Christ". This quote was taken from a line in the nomination letter. Nana Bediako launched his dubut album (Melodies From Above) this summer with a new flavor in our ears. This new creativity is spreading all over the world, and his dedication, charity and hard work is really paying off. Nana Kweisi has contributed almost 50% of his proceeds to Youth organizations in the United States and Canada.

Nana, who was at loss for words and humbled and grateful to God for his gift, also thanked his production team; his manager Charles Nimmo N_Mensah (Mr. CNN) Judgement Day Promotions, Mr. Joe Mens, his wife Linda and daughter Jada, Kennedy, Producers: Best, Shaa and Morgan, Steve Kelly, Ghanaweb, Ghanamv, Ghanamusic.com, Pastor Steve, Jones, Annette all the members of the Royal Assembly and the Apostolic Church U.S.A and Canada.

Nana Bediako who also goes by the funky name Nana B will be launching his music video and his web site early 2009 and Ghanaweb & Ghanamusic.com will have the privilege of premiering one of his videos, "Medi Makuma mawo", to his worldwide fans.

During Nana B's stay in Ghana he did two albums and collaborated with Rev. Asuo Mensah of Adom FM the Head pastor of Tower of Love Ministry (Trade Fair). A song that Nana B throws more light on is "Afi No Nie" which talks about our year of restoration and the visitation of our Lord, it also talks about the promises of our Lord which is fulfilled in our generation.

Nana B's widespread appeal has landed him closer to Noble Nketia that his yet to be launched Bediako Foundation will also work with Noble Nketia's NGO - Thousand Kids Off The Street Project. Bediako Foundation is a charity organization that lends a helping hand to the disabled, especially those who are excelling academically and in need of financial. Nana B has been jetting off to different states in USA since he returned from his homeland, Ghana.

Last but not the least, not forgetting his incredible fans worldwide who have been encouraging him to be the best and supporting him by purchasing his CD's. A big thank you to Mr. CNN and his 3G Media Inc team, Judgement Day Promotions, (Mr. Joe Mens and Felicity Amoah), Ghanaweb, Ghanamusic.com, myzongo.com for his support.

Source: 3G Media Inc.