Music Mon, 17 Nov 2008

Nana Bediako to be honoured

Judgment Day Promotions Inc. Int. in-conjunction with Mr.CNN of 3G Media Inc has specially invited Nana B for theĀ  2nd Annual Pastors/ Musicians Gospel Awards and to be a recipient of an award.

“After prayer consideration and thorough deliberation with other men of God and musicians, we have discovered that it is imperative to exalt the work of God in the church by honoring those who have imparted our community in a positive way through the Gospel of Jesus Christ”, it’s a line taken from the nomination letter. Watch Video: Yesu Deme Esie by Nana Kwesi Bediako

Nana Bediako who also goes by the funky name Nana B will be launching his music videos on his website in March but Ghana Music.com has a privilege of premiering one of his videos, “Yesu De Me Esie”, to his worldwide fans.

During Nana B’s stay in Ghana he did two albums and teamworked with Rev. Asuo Mensah of Adom FM and the head pastor of Tower of Love Ministry (Trade Fair).


A song that Nana B throws more light on is “Afi No Nie” which talks about our year of restoration and the visitation of our Lord, it also talks about the promises of our Lord which is fulfilled in our generation.

Nana B’s widespread appeal has landed him closer to Noble Nketia that his yet to be launched Bediako Foundation will also work with Noble Nketia’s NGO - Thousand Kids Off The Street Project. Bediako Foundation is a charity organization that gives a shoulder for the disabled, especially those who are excelling academically and need financial support to lean on.

Nana B has been jetting off to different states in USA since he returned from his homeland, Ghana. “I have been touring around promoting the album here in the United States, by God’s grace all is well”, he said.

Source: ghanamusic.com