Nigerian American rapper releases debut solo album ‘Young & Naïve’

Orchestrate96 Orchestrate96 is a U.S based Nigerian rapper

Tue, 6 Oct 2020 Source: Ama Tsamaa , Contributor

Based in Houston, Texas 'Orchestrate96' started rapping for fun in 2018 in Houston.

Gifted with a unique cadence, and flowing with a strong Nigerian accent the young lyricist stood out. He started taking his craft seriously in 2019 where he dropped back to back projects - a mixtape titled “Exposure" and a sequel dubbed "Exposure 2.0".

Officially released on the 24th of July 2020, Orchestrate96's debut solo album titled "Young & Naïve" is a 7-track EP features his contemporaries Big Xodia, N.o.E 5, and Victoria Fisher.

According to Orchestrate96, "Young & Naive" is a personal project which is filled with a lot of lyrics and messaging that speaks on being goal-oriented.

He said: "Most of my lyrics point towards being goal-oriented. I talked about how I work a day job. How I attend college and I made sure to include noteworthy encounters while in on campus."

Speaking on his mind-state when recording the project, the gifted rapper claimed "Young & Naive" is an attempt to project himself to his potential fans and listeners in the best light.

He said: "I made this album to show a side of me that is not obvious to my fans or listeners. It is my debut album, so I wanted my listeners to know me more. An attempt to build a bond or relatability."

Listen to "Young & Naïve" here.

Source: Ama Tsamaa , Contributor