'Nollywood meets Hollywood' producer of 'One Night in Vegas', Koby Maxwell is back!

The Wrong One V Flyer of 'The Wrong One'

Veteran Nollywood filmmaker Koby Maxwell has crossed over to the US market with a slick new offering in the Short Horror/Psychological Thriller space – The Wrong One.

The Wrong One tells a story of Lisa Ren, a troubled college student, who has been tasked with producing a documentary for her journalism final on a tragic local murder that took place years ago.

She partners with the magnetic Tim Bishop to uncover the mysterious death of young Ronet Graham. While unraveling the sordid details of Ronet’s untimely death, Lisa is confronted with her ever-deepening guilt over the death of her own beloved twin sister.

The film is anchored by accomplished Taiwanese-American actress, Wei-Yi Lin, who is widely known for her work with Catherine Hardwicke on the Lady Gaga PSA ‘Till it Happens to You’. Wei has also starred in numerous projects in various international film festivals including Taipei, Tribeca, Los Angeles, and Rotterdam. She is also a Sundance Directors Lab Alumni.

The film also stars Duke Williams a rising New York City-based actor, who has been in numerous feature and short films. He is also a growing force in the New York theater scene. Duke holds a Bachelors in Economics & Finance with a minor in theater and trains with acting coach Wendy McKenzie.

The Wrong One is helmed by emerging Hollywood talent, Yaa Boaa Aning who wrote and directed award-winning shorts, The Prince of Venice, Fanta Face, as well as Bleeding Sunshine, all of which enjoyed significant international exposure over the course of their respective releases.

Her feature script for Bleeding Sunshine was a top 3 finalist at the Urban World Screenwriting Competition and a semi-finalist in the Sundance Screenwriting competition the same year. She is a proud alum of the prestigious Film Independent ‘Project Involve‘ Fellowship Program, class of 2014.

“The diverse array of talents both in the production and acting aspects of this project is a deliberate attempt to prove how much we can all achieve when we come together and I hope this movie strikes a chord” — Koby Maxwell.

Source: koby mawell productions/dr. michael k. obeng