Entertainment Mon, 31 Jan 2011


He is arguably on of the longest standing artist in Ghana and is still waxing stronger by the day, with well over 10 years in the industry. real name , Bice Osei Kuffour, Obour is back. If you have not seen the new video from the Family Tree, C.E.O then you are loosing out on one of the greatest videos of all time.

For most of us who grew up with Obour, we know him as an indigenous traditional music maker, combining folklore with elements of hiplife and hiphop, shooting stunning videos to accompany his songs. A look at the new video "Back to Obour" clearly indicates that the "Konknotiba" song writer has missed the old him as much as Ghanaians have and has clearly embarked on a "SANKOFA" journey.

The video is simply enthralling and breath taking, bringing lost memories of the multi-award winner back to life and creating a deep longing for the yet to be released album. We miss him and are glad that he is back in his originality.

Source: quami junior