Ogidi Brown reveals how Pastors, Mallams failed to make him walk after spending his money

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Sat, 1 May 2021 Source: Ebo Safo, Contributor

Ghanaian musician and CEO of OGB Records, Ogidi Brown has revealed how some 'fake' pastors and Mallams were unable to heal him despite spending millions of cedis on them.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Ebo Safo on 'Celebrity Vibes Hour', he established that these individuals deceived him into believing that they could help him walk again.

According to him, it's been six years since he started using a wheelchair and till now no prophet has been able to cure his 'crippleness'.

Ogidi Brown who desperately wants to get back to his feet disclosed of visiting top Medical Centers in Ghana and abroad but to no avail.

"Life has not been easy for me been in the wheelchair, I used to worry my self a lot trying to get places where I can be healed to walk again, but has given up, and has accepted my current state", he said.

Watch the full interview below:

Source: Ebo Safo, Contributor