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Orphanages thrill Veep and Chief Justice with ‘quality’ music

Vice President, Kwasi Bekoe Amissah Arthur flanked by Mrs. Amissah-Arthur, madam Georgina Wood and

A musical youth and drama concert Titled” Breaking the Myth” made up of children from three orphanages in the Greater Accra region Sunday night held music lovers spellbound with a performance which many say can pitch the amateurs against their mentors in any future battle for honours.

The program was held at the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons auditorium at Ridge.

The program was coordinated and organized by Mrs. Matilda Amissah Arthur, Wife of the Vice President. Together with children aged between six to fourteen years who played; with such brilliance that it was difficult to distinguish which of the groups did well.

The Program was a pledge made by Mrs. Matilda Amissah Arthur, Wife of the Vice President of Ghana to organize such an event for them if they learnt how to play musical instruments very well.

The Pledge was to organize a musical concert for them Titled” Breaking the Myth.” Where the children performed some Drama trilled them with music whilst others used the flute, sang Acapella and others played the violin and other musical instruments to exhibit their talents.

The youth’s trade mark may be found in its strict compliance with traditional African musical format while using traditional African musical instruments. Lined up an awesome ensemble of instruments which included ateteben (Akan flutes) all played by the children, Violin ,African zylophones, 'atumpan', 'fontonfrom' and 'kpalogo' drums and a variety of traditional percussion instruments. "Considering their tender ages, Mrs. Matilda Amissah Arthur, Wife of the Vice President of Ghana have taken it upon herself to help raise awareness about the critical child issues in the country, in order to help raise awareness for children and the less privileged in the country by wiping away tears on their faces.

The Program was planned: to provide an unforgettable Music Festival and drama for the unlucky children - was realized in more than 3 hours of hard work joy and happiness.

Addressing the audience, Mrs. Matilda Amissah Arthur said she has been working hard to contribute to the improvement of the welfare of children through her own initiative. She said her aim is to help them increase access to Education through a lot of initiatives like the choral concert and drama. She this would make the children know that they are not forgotten but can make it.

“Children are the future leaders, and I am someone who believes in growing with the young generation in the area of Education,” she’s always stated. Mrs. Amissah Arthur’s primary objective is to help improve the lives and well-being of the youth and the less privileged members of the society.

A strong advocate on issues relating to children, she also has been in the vanguard of fight for the education of children as a right together with health related issues.

At the musical concert the enthusiastic reactions and overwhelming applauses and laughter from the personalities who graced the occasion made them happy.

Some of the personalities who graced the occasion were the Vice President Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur, Chief Justice, Mrs. Justice Georgina Theodora Wood, The Chief Executive of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) Dr. Alfred OKoe Vanderpuije, Accra Mayor, Nana Kobina Nketsia V, Omanhene of Essikado, The Omanhene of Eastern Nzema, Awulae Amihere Kpanyinli III, The Parish Priest of the Christ the King Catholic Church in Accra, Reverend Father Andrew Campbell and the Chinese Ambassador to Ghana H.E. Mdm. Sun Baohong. This made the children very happy because they are being recognized.

One of the Kids, who took part in the music concert said: “This Breaking the Myth “Festival with my brothers and sisters had been a really significant day for me. I felt I could do something, even it is very small but it can bring happiness for us. I hope the Second Lady will organize many activities like these and that all employees can make a contribution to our community."

He added, "what we take back after this event is not only the joyful moments with friends but the point is that I am having a good team here. With this teamwork, we can do whatever more.”. “Many emotions stay with me after this event. I will never forget the image of the personalities who graced the occasion.

The participating orphanages were Kinder Paradise Ghana based in Prampram . Basics based in Chokorkor, and Achievers Ghana based in Nima.

The Interdenominational choir-Winneba Youth Choir and Pan African Youth Orchestra (PAYO) thrilled the audience.

Kinder Paradise- They takes care of the youth from poorest members of society the most, with children being the most vulnerable and afflicted. Kinder Paradise aims at this target group, contributing its support in a context where government cannot provide sufficient aid for the need of such children.

It runs two facilities and a school, and takes care of more than 150 children inside and outside the Homes, with the aim of re-integrating them into society as independent and responsible citizens.

Kinder Paradise supports residents and former residents of its Homes and children from its Street Center by covering their fees for continued education, like vocational training, secondary school, colleges, and universities. They trilled the audience with Violin and Piano, singing Orchestra and Acapella .

BASICS are committed to working in underprivileged communities where individuals are deprived of basic human rights. BASICS International is committed to fighting illiteracy, child labor, child trafficking and hunger in Ghana by improving the quality-of-life for children living in extreme poverty.

Basics have worked since its inception in 2000 to provide holistic services and guidance to disenfranchised youth in Ghana. From sponsorships for school fees to daily meals and life skills training to assistance in reintegrating into larger society, basics has structured programs in place which are designed at impacting and changing the lives of over 500 children and their families each year.

The core efforts of basics are to place every school going age child back in school. This was inspired after founder; Pat Wilkins met a young child during her daily walk through Chorkor.

Through her enquiries, Ms. Wilkins learnt that this little girl, named Akoushe, had to work in order to help support her aunt/guardian. It was later revealed Akoushe was a house help for this woman, (of no relation to her) who had forbidden her from attending schools.

Moved by Akoushe's story, Ms. Wilkins single-handedly went from junction to junction/compound to compound throughout this fishing community pleading with parents to send their children to school.

Using her own personal savings to get children into school, the Back to School program began to take shape and B.A.S.I.C.S. International Inc. was formed.

Since Akoushies story, BASICS has evolved into a social intervention program achieving its mission by providing solutions, permanently. They also thrilled the fans with the A Variety of music from the Flute.

Achievers Ghana’s mission: with a mission of Education for all girls in slums in Ghana because the community face a lot of social problems such as acute poverty, widespread disease, and untimely death. Limited access to education means many are stuck in a cycle of poverty.

Females and especially female children suffer most, as they are often treated as second-class citizens in our society. They have no access to contribute to community development and it is perceived that the only place they can best perform is in their husband’s house and in the kitchen. They are forced to marry at a tender age because of cultural beliefs. These barbaric attitudes towards female children must stop.

When will people realize the importance of giving a girl child education? It is said that “if you educate a man you educate an individual and if educating a woman you educate a nation”.

Achievers aim to educate the uneducated ones, for them to realise that pushing a girl child to marriage is not the solution to the acute poverty we are facing. Rather educating them to a higher level for them to be gainfully employed and earn a good living, will subsequently solve their problems. They also performed some Drama on- The strength of a woman .Women’s worth, Little eyes upon you ,Teenager and Arise woman of God.

The second lady said as part of her commitment she has toured a lot of schools and has given hope to the less privileged in society and also to see to the welfare of s children in the country, so that she can help alleviate them from their suffering.

Source: Maxwell Okamafo Addo

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