Police officers intimidated us, mistook us for hooligans – Kumerica ‘originators’ recall ordeal

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Mon, 5 Oct 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Three persons who claim to be originators of the Kumerican movement have lamented they have on countless occasions been harassed by some police officers on suspicion they are threats to the society.

The trio – TonyDath, Kizo Drips and Rapper Ebaadze – say their appearance, has almost always sent wrong signals to the police, causing their arrest and interrogation. The movement, made up of several members who have been brought together by music and arts in general, is characterized by a style of dressing that arguable communicates one is a ruffian.

Some members of the group wear ear rings, bandanas, baggy jeans and identify themselves with gun signs. Others also parade themselves by sagging their pants.

“We were even scared while coming here. My brother told me to take off my ear rings,” said TonyDath who had appeared on GhanaWeb TV’s Bloggers’ Forum with his colleagues.

“There were times people called the police to arrest us, the police have searched us thoroughly several times… We mostly have to prove we are musicians before they release us. Until the Kumerica craze became popular, we suffered humiliation from the public and the police because they thought we were roughnecks.”

On how the movement was born, they mentioned that it came up during an interaction fifteen years ago. However, due to some circumstances beyond their control, the movement was rather popularized by the Asakaa Boys.

“When it went viral, people started doing flags, T-shirts.... They started changing the names of our towns to that of America… We couldn’t have excused ourselves from the fad; we had to let it flow and later come out to set the record straight,” TonyDath told show host Abrantepa.

“Kumerica stands for the music side of Kumasi just like Kumawood is for the film sector,” he added and further stated there is no friction between them and the Asakaa Boys.

Coined from two nouns – Kumasi and America – ‘Kumerica’ has to a large extent inured to the benefit of some young rappers in Kumasi as the spotlight has been put on them. Not only has there been a Photoshop of passports to join the Kumasi-America identity; there have been merchandises of Kumerica on sale.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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