Entertainment Tue, 30 Sep 2014

Police relax over Castro

Checks by NEWS-ONE have revealed that the Ghana Police Service has closed an eye on one curious aspect of the unfolding details surrounding the search for the missing musician, Castro, and an acquaintance, Janet Bandu.

Almost a week after the police administration held a press conference to confirm that Aqua Safari Resort, the company which hired the jet ski to Castro, gave him the wrong type of life jacket that could not save his life if an accident occurred while on the water, not a single person has been punished for that crime and the lives of several others who hire jet skis from the company continue to be at risk.

According to the police, the company should have given Castro a ‘Type A’ life jacket which could have kept him floating, assuming he fell into the Lake; but they rather gave him a ‘Type C’ jacket, meant for a cock pit and not for navigating the Volta Lake.

Well over two months after the revelation of that life threatening negligence by the company, they continue to give out the same ‘Type C’ life jackets and charge money for them.

The ‘Type A’ life vest is designed in a manner to keep the wearer floating face up for a minimum of three days and has a buoyancy of over 22 pounds. It is specifically designed for extended survival in rough, open water where rescue may be slow in coming.

Indeed, a few hours after word reached the company that Castro may have fallen into the lake, they immediately dispatched a search team of two boats to go find him and the occupants of one of the boats, who were wearing the same ‘Type C’ life jacket, nearly drowned when their boat capsized. The ‘Type C’ jacket could not keep them floating for even 30 seconds before they started sinking and had to be rescued by life guards.

Despite the fact that this information is available to the police, not a single person has been put before the courts for the continuous danger they put innocent persons through.

A police source told NEWS-ONE that Aqua Safari Resort, after hiring the jet ski to Castro, has not been able to provide the indemnity form all riders are made to sign before they are given the jet.

The inability of the company to explain how come Castro was not made to fill the form and go through the laid down procedure before he was allowed to ride on the jet, further adds to the unanswered questions of who are the owners and operators of Aqua Safari Resort and whether the law enforcement agencies are not watching unconcerned while the company continue to endanger the lives of persons they hire the jets to.

MORE SOON on the supposed tracking device at Aqua Safari Resort and the ‘big-shot’ owners of the company.

Source: News-One