RECIPES: How to cook the best garden egg stew

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Sun, 30 Jun 2019 Source: ndudu-by-fafa.blogspot.com

This dish is inspired by both the traditional Ghanaian Abom and Middle Eastern Baba Ganoush recipe.

Fusing both cultures and methods of cooking gives this dish an incredible flavour. Flavour that a traditional Garden Egg Stew gives and more.

Why not try the recipe and leave your comments below with your experience?

‘I made this for dinner today and it tasted so good’ @akua7649 on my Instagram page ‘Ndudu by Fafa’


450g of Garden Eggs

3 large Onions

2 large Tomatoes

1 ladle of Zomi or Palm oil

400g of Goat Meat

50g of salted Fish (Kobi) or salted Anchovies

150g of Mushrooms

50g of roasted Peanuts

30g of Spring Onions

1 teaspoonful of smoked Paprika

2 Habanero Chillies/ 6 Kasoa Peppers/ 10 Pettie Belle Chillies (Kpakposhito)

450ml of water

Salt to taste


1 teaspoonful of Aniseed

30g of Ginger

1 large Onion

2 cloves of Garlic


Watch how to prepare this incredible dish below;

Source: ndudu-by-fafa.blogspot.com