Rising hiplife artist Sir Kriz out with 'Bubble up' video

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Tue, 16 Aug 2016 Source: Frederick Nyame

Sir Kriz is really causing a stare in the music industry as he releases a new video titled 'Bubble Up'.

The song describes his kind of woman and assures her of doing anything for her no matter the circumstance.

RasCobby further tells her that she is ‘sizeless’ even from Bawku to Nalerigu, chereponi, Akyem Oda to Ouagadougou. Her face shines like 'anadwo bobo' (to wit lantern) and her skin tone shines like bright star.

In his bid to arouse his love for his lady, Sir Kriz tells her to shake her body, further describing her form as the most beautiful one ever seen. Looking at her alone makes him go insane like a chamber pot.

God has blessed her family because she and her sister look alike.

Watch the video of the versatile promising singer and rapper, Sir Kriz, and tell us your view.

Source: Frederick Nyame