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Sarkodie turns on people who download music for free

Sarkodie is out there speaking the truth of every musician in Ghana and even in the entire world.

For musicians, music is a livelihood – that’s how they pay their bills and provide for their families.

As a result, you would understand that after they have spent money paying for studio time and sound engineers, you downloading their music for free really knocks them in the head.

Musicians spend a fortune just working on a 3-minute song so it’s only fair that you at least pay something little when you download or stream it.

That’s why Sarkodie is saying that you’re actually killing music if you download or stream music for free.

If the musicians don’t get their money back, then they can’t fund the next record.

According to Sarkodie, if you choose to stream or download someone’s music, you should at least do that on paid platforms so that the musician can also “eat!!”.

He expressed his sentiment while promoting Strongman’s new EP called “Still That Ni99a” or STN for short.


If you want to listen to the STN follow these links below.

Don’t do free…

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Source: asembi.com
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