She supported me financially; I broke her heart but I don't care – Ypee talks about his ex-girlfriend

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Thu, 25 May 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Despite causing his ex-girlfriend, who offered him unflinching support, pain and sorrow, Ypee is unperturbed because ‘it’s her heart that’s broken’.

The musician in his interview with Delay mentioned that although his parents were taking care of him during his days as a student at the University of Ghana, he quit a month after enrolling because he needed a huge amount of money.

“I wanted ‘block money’ which is why I left the school. Also, being at Legon, I couldn't endure the pressure. As a level 100 student, there was a hostel called Pent. When I pass by the hostel, the kind of cars I see over there, are my dream cars, and I want those cars too,” he said in the interview monitored by GhanaWeb.

“I saw a girl, I tried calling her, and the next thing I saw was her pressing the key to her car, so I then thought, ‘Oh, is this the case’,” he added, disclosing that these informed his decision to quit school.

While he tried to survive, he met another woman who assisted him financially. According to him, he invested in “family businesses with the funds she provided.

“She liked me so I told her to support my dream which is the music I do. She was my girlfriend; we dated for two years,” Ypee revealed.

A curious Delay asked: “So after you made it, you left her?”, to which Ypee answered “I didn’t leave her. She noticed we couldn’t be together. My focus was different and she noticed we couldn’t get along.”

Ypee disclosed that the said woman was four years older than him.

“So, when you stopped dating, were you brokenhearted?” Delay asked.

Without hesitation, the 27-year-old responded: “For me, I wasn’t brokenhearted. I can’t say same for her.”

Delay followed up with another question in an attempt to see how he feels about the breakup as she asked, “So you don’t care about whether she was brokenhearted or not?”

Ypee replied: “No, she’s the one whose heart is broken; she is the victim”.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com