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Short documentary: In the life of 2 scrap metal men

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Scrap Metal Men is a 12-minute documentary set in Agbogbloshie, Ghana - the world's biggest e-waste dump.

We navigate this landscape by following the daily lives of two 'scrap metal men' as they trade and sell metal through congested Ghanaian city roads and markets.

The filmmakers Alex Wondergem and Adu lalouschek are both of mixed Ghanaian heritage, with Alex having spent the majority of his life living in Accra.

They met whilst both studying at the University of the Arts London, and this is the first of three In the Life documentaries they have made since.

In April, two more In the Life documentaries will be released online: Warrior's Gym and Ga Fishermen.


Warrior's Gym (8 minutes) captures the personal triumphs of one of Ghana's strongest men - Warrior. Over the last 15 years he has created a gym made of locally sourced and found materials, where he trains Ghana's strong men of tomorrow.

Ga Fishermen (12 minutes) gives us an intimate insight into the fast disappearing world of traditional fishermen on the coast of Accra, Ghana.

We followed four fishermen from a small community off Labadi Beach Road; they took us into their world of traditional hymns and how they go on their daily fishing.

To keep up to date with the films, visit www.inthelife.tv.

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Source: Alex O. Wondergem