Socrates Safo confirms shaving actress' pubic hair

Mon, 22 Aug 2011 Source: News One

News One has a secretly-recorded audio tape in which controversial movie producer Socrates Sarfo was captured confessing that he actually used a shaving stick to graze down a part of the thick pubic hair of an actress in the movie ‘What Sex Can Do’.

News-One reported in March that Socrates had shaved the pubic hair of one of his actresses in the said movie but the producer flatly denied it and threatened to drag the paper to court. Subsequently when the actress, Baby Blanche, gave an explanation that contradicted Socrates’ version, he turned round to accuse the actress of having a lover who works at News-One.

News-One can authoritatively state that Socrates has been caught on tape confessing that he actually shaved the actress and that it was unintentional.

His confession was aimed at getting people to plead with Baby Blanche to act in ‘Sons of Satan’, a yet-to-be-released movie.

Socrates explained that the role the actress was playing in the movie required that she shave her pubic hair but she was not doing it properly so he attempted to demonstrate how it was done to her and that was when he used the shaving stick to remove just a small part of the hair.

“Socrates wants the girl to act in a movie he is doing, ‘Sons of Satan’, but she has asked him to apologise publicly first, else she would have nothing to do with him.

After his programme on Peace FM Entertainment Review last Saturday, he called us together and explained the situation but we were about eight in number and it would be difficult for him to know who exactly recorded his confession.

“He said he had also called Baby Blanche on phone and explained the situation to her but he fears she might have recorded the conversation,” a source from Socrates Movie Africa Productions told News-One.

When News-One called Socrates on phone and asked him on the matter, his response was: “It is true I would use Baby Blanche in ‘Sons of Satan’ but I have not done any wrong to you to tell you whether or not I had apologized to anybody.

I hope this time round you won’t go and say I said you should kiss my ass because I have not insulted you.

“Producing one movie costs a lot and you have started doing this only because someone has told you ‘Socrates is about to produce ‘Sons of Satan’ and you want to spoil that one too.

I am recording whatever I am telling you so you go ahead and misquote me,” Socrates noted.

Surprisingly he sounded very calm.

Baby Blanche has meanwhile refused to pick News-One’s phone calls in an attempt to reach her. She has also not responded to any of the text messages the paper sent to her phone over the matter.

Source: News One