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Someone should tell Joey B I’m looking for him – Bola Ray

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Tue, 31 May 2016 Source: thebigtriceonline.com

It’s been rumored that Joey B, the Tonga hitmaker has been ill but he’s gradually recovering fast and fast. Because of the sickness, Joey B released one great song titled ‘U x Me’ but he wasn’t able to go on radio tours to promote the song till now.

CEO of Empire Entertainment, Bola Ray has disclosed on his show that he’s seriously looking for Joey B and anyone close to him should tell him that he just wants to congratulate him on his current banging tune ‘U x Me’.

According to him, he would like to know what went into the song, the creativity and just appreciate him for coming out with the ‘U x Me’ song.

He said, ‘Currently there is this song I play almost everyday. It’s in my top 3 songs I listen to everyday. This song is a banger, this is a classic song, someone should tell Joey B that I’m looking for him and he should call me. I would like to congratulate him on this song, ‘U x Me’.

He continued, “I would like to ask him what went into the song because this is not the Joey B we knew. Great song, it’s just something else.” Bola kept praising Joey B’s creativity on the song.

So if you are close to Joey B, tell him Bola Ray is looking for him. The 'U x Me' song was produced by Kuvie.

Watch the video attached.

Source: thebigtriceonline.com