Music Tue, 15 Jun 2010

Sugar Rankin Said Samini is not Matured

Sugar Rankin is one of the popular hiplife artiste who has released several singles since 1994 but has never released a complete album before.

In an interview with him over the weekend, he told Flex newspaper that he had lots of problems that was why he was not able to come out with an album but he is looking forward to release an album this year. “I will say after Ronnie of Buk- Bak fame, I was the next Ragga artiste who was introduced to Ghanaians in 1994 whiles I also introduced Batman who is now called Samini to the hiplife industry.

He learnt lots of things from me even the way I rag, just like I also learnt lots of things from Ronnie of Buk -Bak. So it surprises me if people say that am trying to sound like him. Apart fromSamini, the late Terry and other musicians also learnt a lot from me” he hinted.

Sugar Ranking continued that he is not able to come out with an album because of favoritism in the industry and the issue of payola and bias in the music industry. “When I was coming out with my first album titled “call from the street”, Batman went to the studio to see the producer and told him to delete my voice from my own music to be given to him.

He wanted to sing the same song on it but the producer refused it. He went ahead to record his own with the same subject I was working on and because he was fresh in the system and was enjoying attention by that time, he was able to penetrate easily”.

Sugar lamented that Samini took his style after training and teaching him lots of things, yet he believes that Samini is on top now but feels that he is not matured and needs more education to be able to go far.

When Flex asked him why he is saying that, he responded that although Samini is making hits now, he still needs more education because when he listens to his album, he gets that feeling whiles thinking that if he does not tell him, somebody will do that in future.

Talking about his new album which features Screw Face, Shilo, Adane Best, Oga B, Sonnie Bali and will soon be featuring K.K. Fosu on the last track, he said that he has his own plans to promote his album if the Djs do not play it. He will send the promotional Cds to people free outside Ghana and if the music makes hit overseas, Ghanaian Dj`s will rush for it.

Commenting about Ghana music awards, he noted that they have not nominated him before because they claim he hasn't come out with an album. Meanwhile, he wishes Charter house can come out with more categories which will favor ragga musicians in the country because he believes without encouragement there is no way they can move forward.

He also pleaded with the Djs to play more ragga music so that it can motivate them to come out with more fine tunes. He would like to thank his fans and all the men behind him especially Code Eye, Ras Nii, Teddy Abrokwa, Agyengo and all his admirers.

Source: Mustapha Ayinde Inusah/Flex Newspape