The BET saga: When Shatta Wale puts his fans in a tight corner!

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Tue, 16 May 2017 Source: entertainmentgh.com

It’s yet another year of BET Awards nominations and another no-show for the biggest star of Ghanaian music; strange!

This year, expectations in the camp of Shatta Wale were quite high on a nomination at the BET Awards 2017 – considering how he’s swept awards at major international awards over the years in recent times.

Once again, he’s missed out and while the artiste is trying to put up a gutsy face, act all nonchalant about his no-appearance, his fans, deep down their loyal hearts, are nonplussed about the situation.

Since 2013, when Shatta Wale made that historic comeback to relevance and dominance in Ghanaian music, his fans have gloated about every achievement except one – a BET Award nomination.

SM Fans Are Loyal

The most important element in the life and career of any successful entertainer is the fan and Shatta Wale has multitudes.

His ascension to the music food chain, his continuous stay on top, the perpetual release of hit songs, the critical acclaim and his bravado are all influenced by the die-hard fans.

SM fans are so loyal; they support every move of their icon, whether positive or negative. Even when the move is obviously an unpopular one; they will still find a way to defend it and make it look genuine.

Every artiste is envious of the fans Shatta Wale has; the level of support, attachment, conviction and love for the artiste is unflinching, sturdy, and glorious.

SM Fans Want The Bragging Rights

For any fan, there’s nothing gratifying as having the bragging rights to something monumental.

In music, the fans bask in the glory of their artiste garnering the No. 1 hit songs, the sold- out concerts, the endorsement deal and the awards.

For Shatta Wale, he came, he saw and he has conquered – except the BET Awards nod – and that feeling of not being able to surmount that hurdle ‘kills’ the fans.

SM Fans have the bragging rights to everything any successful act should have, but they need a new challenge, a new feat, and a new achievement to brag over.

Bragging over the same old stuff is becoming boring for the SM fan; biggest star in Ghana, yes, biggest star with the biggest following, yes, biggest star with the biggest audience appeal, yes – biggest Ghanaian star with the biggest international appeal – not quite!

For the SM fans, the no-show for Shatta Wale is a big blow, but of course, they can’t publicly express it. They can only gnash their teeth and sulk in silence and continue to remain loyal.

Shatta Wale Doesn’t Care? The Fans Do

It is quite interesting how Shatta Wale tries to debase the BET Awards every year nominations are announced. In his mind, he tries to put up a face of nonchalance but his commentary and posture gives him away – he cares!

Let’s assume he doesn’t give a hoot about the Awards. Let’s assume his BECE certificate is bigger and more recognizable than the BET Awards – the fact is, his fans care and he knows it.

In one of his twitter rants, he had to make an appeal to his fans not to worry about a BET nomination. Why? Because, deep down, he knows, that the continuous snub affects his fans.

Shatta Wale Is The Only One Who Can Make A Change

Shatta Wale is indisputably, the biggest star in Ghanaian music with the potential of becoming the biggest star of African music and the biggest African music export.

His talent is overwhelmingly limitless, his work rate is stupendous and he has the love of fans that would do anything to see their star soar.

Candidly, Shatta Wale is bigger than any of the nominees of the 2017 BET Best International Act Africa – but only in Ghana.

His legend is heard in the rest of the African countries and the rest of the world. All he has to do, is to make it work. Rule Ghana, yes, but make efforts in dominating Africa and making a strong case on the international music market.

If Shatta Wale makes a BET Awards nomination a priority and works at it, he will dominate that category like he’s been ruling Ghanaian music for the past 4 years.

Shatta Wale always professes about his love for his fans and how his fans are his topmost priority – but on the BET, he is failing these fans.

Source: entertainmentgh.com
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