Tinny still lives with his mother - Kwaw Kese mocks him

Kwaw Kese Abodam Kwaw Kese

Sun, 28 Apr 2019 Source: ghpage.com

It appears Kwaw Kese is not ready to forgive Tinny for calling him a wack rapper. He has revealed in an interview with Dr. Pounds that he will slap Tinny whenever he meets him face to face.

According to Kwaw Kese, Tinny came into the music industry before him but he still lives with his mother in her house with all his 5 children, yet he has the guts to insult him.

Kwaw Kese added that Tinny has nothing to his name when it comes to music awards or properties from his music career so he should shut up and not drag his name in the mud.

Kwaw Kese who was very angry vowed to slap and beat Tinny up whenever they meet because Tinny just wants to ride on his name to resurrect his dead career. Kwaw Kese referred to Tinny as a dead goat.

A few days ago, Tinny granted an interview and described Kwaw Kese as a wack rapper. According to Tiny, the Kwaw Kese who won VGMA Artist of the year years ago is not the same rapper today.

He claims Kwaw Kese has fallen so low that he wouldn’t have gotten even a single award if the awards were held today.

Source: ghpage.com