Tracey Boakye opens up about her relationship with the Mahamas

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Wed, 24 Apr 2019 Source: nydjlive.com

Ghanaian actress Tracey Boakye has opened up about her relationship with the Mahamas.

Ghanaian actress Tracey Boakye has laughed off rumours and reports that suggest she is involved in amorous relationship with one of the Mahama brothers.

Contrary to the reports, the actress revealed the Mahamas are ‘fathers’ to her.

She made this known in an interview with NY DJ on RYSENSHYNE on Y102.5FM in Kumasi.

She denied reports that they are responsible for her properties including cars and a house.

“I’m a very hardworking woman. They know who I am and that’s why I get hurt when they spew such untruths. I produced my first movie at age 21 and bought my land with profits from the sales of the movie.

I don’t know where people concoct such stories from. The Mahamas are all my dads and uncles and nothing more.

There are moments they even accuse people I don’t know of buying properties for me,” she said.

Tracey Boakye explained her fondness for Ibrahim Mahama.

“I like the Mahamas. Ibrahim Mahama for instance will encourage you because of his entrepreneurial skills. He directs me on ways to run my businesses hence dedicating my award to her. Ibrahim is my friend. I like him and he likes me too”

Watch the exclusive interview from below.

Source: nydjlive.com