Entertainment Thu, 30 Nov 2006

Ve celebrates Lukusi

Accra, Nov, 30, GNA - The Vice President, Alhaji Aliu Mahama will on Saturday grace a durbar of the chiefs and people of Ve Traditional Area to climax the celebration of Lukusi Festival.

Lukusi is otherwise known as Dodoleglime in Ewe, meaning 91Coming out of the Wall', while Lukusi means digging a hole to escape. The festival signified the people's ancient escape from a fortified 'wall' in Nsotsie {now in the Republic of Togo) to their present abode.

It depicts their valour to dig a hole in the wall encompassing the Ewes through which they escapade to gain their freedom from the tyrannical rule of Torgbui Agorkoli.

Mr. John Ackah, President of Lukusi Improvement Society (LIS) said the festival, with a historical background of valour has in modern times shifted focus to undertaking self-help projects, education and the fight against HIV/AIDS.

He said this year, the festival would address issue on the fight against HIV/AIDS in special traditional forums and the appraisal of development projects being undertaken in eight towns constituting the Ve Traditional Area.

Some of the projects included the Community Water Supply to Gbodome. Hoeme, Agbome and Deme, (GHAD), the second cycle school project at Ve-Koloenu and the health centres at Ve-Golokuati and Hoeme.

Mr Ackah said to ensure full participation of the youth in the festival, there would be a 40- kilometre bicycle race with winners being awarded with attractive prices on Friday and the breaking of the "wall'' at Deme on the same day

Source: GNA