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We made drill music popular in Ghana with 'Otanhunu' – Dead Peepol

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Sat, 2 Jan 2021 Source: Ebenezer Nana Yaw Donkoh, Contributor

Ghanaian music group Dead Peepol has asserted they made drill music popular in Ghana.

With an accumulated, 1.2 million streams on YouTube for audio slides and official music videos, the music group which successfully inked its name in the minds of Ghanaians with Otanhunu after several years of work are proud to have popularised a genre.

In an exclusive interview with NY DJ on BTM Afrika, the group said; “We wanted to create this sound that was not known to Ghanaians so Otanhunu was the first drill music to hit in Ghana and we call ourselves the pioneers of Twi drill in Ghana. ”

The group explained it wasn’t easy but are excited Ghanaians accepted it.

“It wasn’t easy at all because Ghanaians accepting different sounds at that particular time was something great,” they said.

Asked if they had heard of Toyboi and the Asakaa boys who were also pushing their craft with drill music, the group said; “It’s admissible that other guys did drill music before Otanhunu. That’s why I pinpointed that Otanhunu was the first drill music to hit Ghana. It was the first drill music so it gave birth to other drill sounds.”

The group which recently released a new single Against also spoke about the remix for Otanhunu, seeking for investors, how the group came about and more.

Drill music localized as Asakaa has fast become the toast of the people of Ghana with talents such as Dead Peepol, Kwaku Flick, Kofi Jamar, Yaw TOG and several others dominating music charts and rocking all the big events.

Watch the interview from below.

Source: Ebenezer Nana Yaw Donkoh, Contributor