Movies Mon, 2 Dec 2013

Who wins Ghana Movie Awards?

The competition, lobbying and scheming among Ghanaian filmmakers ahead of this year’s Ghana Movie Awards has heightened, according to information reaching NEWS-ONE.

Though December 25 has been the usual date for the annual event, NEWS-ONE has picked some rather interesting information that the 2013 edition has been shifted to December 30, allowing more time for the nominees to lobby for votes.

Unlike previous editions where a jury was set to decide which actor or director won which award, what would happen this year is that the winners would be arrived at through a special voting system supervised by Deloitte & Touche, a multinational auditing firm of enviable repute.

“What would happen is that the actors would vote among themselves to decide who is the best actor, the actresses would do same to decide who should be the best actress, movie directors would also vote among themselves for their category, film editors would do same for their category and this is how winners for the various categories would be selected.

It is only the overall best winner that would be selected through a jury,” the source stated.

The source explained further that there would be a special voting sheet given to the various stakeholders and that after voting, the poll sheets would be forwarded to Deloitte & Touche for compilation and collation.

The overall winner still walks home with a car anyway, as well as a trip to the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Despite the annual controversies, the Ghana Movie Awards seems to be picking up year-after-year though there is still room for improvement.

Indeed, in the absence of the Ghana Movie Awards, the country cannot even boast of a ‘starting point’ towards the Oscars or other international awards.

Source: News-One