Entertainment Thu, 8 Sep 2016

Willi Roi glorifies Lord Paper’s explicit music video

While many stakeholders of the industry have vehemently criticized an erotic music video from up and coming artiste, Lord Paper, renowned music producer Willi Roi opines that the video is spot on.

Speaking on Pluzz FM’s AM Pluzz, Thursday, Willi Roi praised Nana Yaa, the lady who starred in the video for acting perfectly, adding that it was a good piece of art.

Roi expressed surprise at people who have been crucifying the characters when there are similar and perhaps worse exposures in telenovelas shown on television during prime time.

“It is a true reflection of what is actually going on. The people showing the telenovela, when it gets to those explicit scenes, they allow it to go and you think the kids won’t learn from it? They are learning well. The girl did it. It was fantastic. When people criticize this, it amazes me; worse is coming. I predict doom,” he told host, Sammy Flex.

Lord Paper has been the talk of town after releasing the said music video. Despite the numerous backlashes, the artiste and Nana Yaa have unequivocally defended the video.

In all their interviews monitored by abrantepa.com, they have argued that the video suits the song. They have also debunked speculations by a section of the public that they had sex. To them, everything was acted.

Meanwhile, Opanin Nana Kofi Darko, father of Nana Yaa is unhappy about the video and has asserted that his daughter is not intelligent.

“You are an African from Oyoko. Why should you shoot such a video which shows your nudity and put it on YouTube? When you were interviewing her, I was in my car listening to her and she said she has a gospel song. She is a liar. She cannot create a gospel song. The spirit of God is not in her and she can never create a gospel song… That boy cannot sell my daughter and brand her because he is not a business person.

“She is not intelligent. She may be intelligent in the flesh but spiritually she is a dead body. Intelligent persons feel some remorse when they do wrong. I have a wife, but when I go behind my wife to do something, I feel ashamed. She is not intelligent and fact that she speaks English well does not mean she is intelligent,” he said on Peace FM.

Source: Abrantepa.com