Xandy Kamel exposes and curses woman who wrote hateful comment under her post

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Fri, 18 Nov 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Ghanaian actress Xandy Kamel has lamented the unexplained hate directed at her by Ghanaians for all this year including some social media users bullying her at the slightest opportunity.

Xandy explained that constant bullying has led her to depression adding that it might lead to her death. In a recent interaction with fans, she couldn't fathom why the masses dislike her.

"Ghanaians don't love me. When a Nigerian loves you, it is genuine. They will wholeheartedly love you but that cannot be said of a Ghanaian. I don't even have a fanbase. Critics go and attack me under pages created in my name. I will just die," declared the actress.

Xandy and former wife of sports presenter, Kaninja, in the viral video also lashed out at a Ghanaian nurse who claimed to hate her.

The young woman whom Xandy identified as a nurse wrote that she hates the actress. This resulted in the actress's decision to expose the face behind the page and also rain curses on her.

She prayed for the worst things in life to befall her critic and also wished evil in her life. According to the actress, she has come to terms with the hate a section of Ghanaians have for her but that could not stop her from clapping back at critics.

"Maamelov3, you say you hate me. Well noted, this is her face, she is a nurse. Funny enough you don't even follow me on my page. You hate me?...I will show you where power lies. Just as a piece of charcoal is reduced to ashes after burning, so will your life be. You will experience a sudden downfall...you will suffer in life and will never know peace. Your family will come in search of me to save you. Your life will be as dark as charcoal, mark my words," these were the words of Xandy Kamel after being subjected to cyberbullying.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com