Religion no more serves the purpose for which it was created - KSM makes bold statement

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Comment: You got it all wrong

2020-09-17 12:31:50
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Religion no more serves the purpose for which it w

You can't extricate spirituality
from religion.
The growth is from religion, through mysticism to spirituality. A long and difficult path.
Spirituality has no safety net since it is unlimited. When you reach the dark soul of night in spirituality (the state of confusion), you need to recover by bouncing back and taking condolences in accredited sacred scriptures of religion(limited ideals of life).
Forget about Jesus for now.
The early fathers who wrote the wisdom books of the bible and the new testament, were astute and discerning philosophers of unimaginable scholarship and masters of models of best living and enlightenment and had mammoth wisdom which they bestowed in writing for generations to come. To guide us on our path through life in addition to our enlightenment which is a personal effort in seaching for wisdom.
You have spirit, body and soul. The soul is consciouness, the spirit is unconsciouness and your body matter.
You become whole, balanced, complete and healed synergising the three.
How long can one get into the spiritual realm ie. the unconscious for ever. We go back and forth.
You need to come back to life, the conscious state and live your life in the body again as normal.
The basics of spirituality is religion- about the best way to be in union with the supreme God and to live His image ie. to follow values, ethics,respect for nature etc.

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Jack on Sep 17, 2020 12:31
You got it all wrong