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Any idiot can go to court – LilWin reacts to Martha Ankomah’s GH¢5m defamation suit?

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  • Bastie Asantefourhene 1 month ago

    This Asante chimp is becoming unbecoming. He’s full of envy and jealousy of everyone.

    I hope the judges are taking notes. Only in Ghana will an illiterate like this have a platform.

  • Kukuaa Hayford 1 month ago

    Eei Stupid Bastie emerges from his cave again oo. Is Martha Ankomah a member of your useless family?

  • Sunday Obi 1 month ago

    Ayoo my sister, na this insult be heavyweight. The guy is not only stupid but unhinged, so don't let his stupidity make you insult his family.

  • Bastie Asantefourhene 1 month ago

    Sunday ,Monday, Tuesday . Aren’t you stupid to be called Sunday ? 419 scammer form Zoogeria. What are you doing here ? Go to your zoo website and be scammed . Be gone

  • Bastie Asantefourhene 1 month ago

    Aba Enningful is now Kukuaa Hayford? Hahahah your bloody vagina like Madina abattoir

  • Dr. Allen Smith Jackson, UK 1 month ago

    There’s employment in the country, now everyone will sue you for any unnecessary things just to cash out

  • Bastie Asantefourhene 1 month ago

    If you engage in “unnecessary” things, be prepared to be sued.

  • Brandy 1 month ago

    Protecting your image has no correlation with unemployment respectfully,seeking a redress in court for Defamation;reputation,Intergrity is not an unnecessary exercise Sir,reason being you cannot verbally put out to print word ...
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  • Kojo Yankee 1 month ago

    They’re both knuckleheads. Ah beg how many movies kumawood done mek wey reach international status or distribution ? Small minded Butumajebu champions.

  • kuukua 1 month ago

    A rich UGLY illiterate boy with filthy money thinks there are no laws in ghana.

  • Aborigo 1 month ago

    I remember when some idiot went to Court, Makola calculator self he couldn't punch the keys

  • Elephant Farmer 1 month ago

    Yes I remember this idiot appeared in court with pocket calculator, an Akpetechi Distiller. This Distiller got a job to sack Haruna and Muntacka.

  • Joy 1 month ago

    Hahahaha. Lilwin show your powers.

  • Bastie Asantefourhene 1 month ago

    You’re as dumb as lil win

  • K k daddy 1 month ago

    Wai see someone who dey call person idiot. Hmmm lilwin abeg go start class one from Ur own school wai

  • Bitter truth#1 1 month ago

    Chai Kwadwo Nkansah, did u read my messages or someone read them for u..hahahaha Kwadwo Nkansah, u have made me happy today..only idiots and fools will support That hypocrite Martha Ankomah..As a matter of fact, Kwadwo nkansa ...
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  • Bitter truth#1 1 month ago

    Honestly if I was Kwadwo Nkansah, like I will come back and insult Martha Ankomah more in order to provoke her more..yes if it’s me, I will do a video and insult her more..And I quote “Kumawood directors don’t write sen ...
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  • Judith 1 month ago

    This guy has developed some arrogance and disrespect because of his wealth.... does anyone remember his first video, acting as a ghost!?? Hmm he should go back to memory lane and take a good look at that video and be very car ...
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  • Bitter truth#1 1 month ago

    Stop being emotional madam, this is not how he started..every human being has a past..it doesn’t matter..in this life, it’s not how u started, it’s about how u are able to become successful..some people started well but ...
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  • Nyangha 1 month ago

    LILWIN, this one paa diye, you for ran away to Togo, otherwise, nyangha go greet you.

  • Prince Martin 1 month ago

    Does LilWin speak English? Never heard or seen him speak English da