13 celebrities who are campaigning for President Mahama

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Comment: Cry the Beloved Country

2016-08-22 11:28:32
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13 celebrities who are campaigning for President M

This so called GHANA made STARS, whose work do not GO BEYOND GHANA will all FACE PRE-MATURE RETIREMENT with mahama.The pain is that THEY CARE LESS about the SUFFERING MASSES,who under these DIFFICULTIES,patronise THEIR works,which sometimes like mahama are FAR BELOW STANDARDS.They are ENLOYING under mahama's SPENDING SPREE thinking that all is WELL.They also SHARE part of the national DEBT BURDEN when govt paid air fares for some to BRAZIL to SHOWCASE GHANA but DISGRACE was what GREETED GHANA IN BRAZIL.We had virtually nothing to showcase,EXCEPT our SUFFERINGS AND PAINS,with no END in SITE.The movie-industry is yet to see ACTORS WHOSE CONSCIENCE and BRAINWORKS WILL CENTRE on GHANAIANS,and therefore SHARE IN their ASPIRATIONS of joys and sorrows.,afterall ARTWORKS ARE MOSTLY HUMAN CENTRED.

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SIMPLE TRUTH on Aug 22, 2016 11:28
Cry the Beloved Country
John on Aug 22, 2016 21:54