A letter to Freddie Blay

Freddie Blay 2 Acting Chairman of NPP, Freddy Blay

Fri, 6 Jul 2018 Source: Lewis Lenyewode Numekevor

Dear Mr. Freddie Blay,

If you believe you are a good man with a good heart and patriotic to both NPP and Ghana, I will suggest you give those buses out to be used as ambulances in the 275 constituencies.

You will agree with me that we're in times when ambulance to convey patients in critical conditions have become a necessary commodity.

If your motive for the buses is to buy the conscience of innocent voters, or the other greedy ones then I will pray God himself help you to lose the elections disgraceful.

The question I always ask is what will make people go to this length just to win an election, especially an internal one which will not guarantee you the mandate to govern the entire country where? What do you stand to gain as the chairman for NPP?

Coming from a Cpp background, I expect you to be more sympathetic to the National interest than a political party.

Those constituencies, in disguise, you're claiming you want to resource don't need those buses trust me. You're only going to create unnecessary tension and division in those constituencies which will play to the advantage of your opponents.

My constituency, for instance, are allergic to cars given to them for party use. Two vehicles, as I speak, are left in the fitting shop rotting, what is the guarantee this one will be taken good care of? One thing I know for sure will happen when this car is handed to them is a fight. They will fight over it until it develops a fault and packed at the shop.

Mr Blay, I will suggest you donate these buses to Ghana.NPP don't need those cars Ghana needs them more. I believe the hospitals can equally pay for it in two years.

Don't be like the typical African politician we've become familiar with, do something different and you'll forever remain a hero.

Thank you.

Columnist: Lewis Lenyewode Numekevor
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