A rebuttal to Counselor Lutterodt’s attacks on Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim Endoresed Juliet Ibrahim

Fri, 3 Mar 2017 Source: Rev. Yaw Obeng-Aduasare

By: Rev. Yaw Obeng-Aduasare

M.Div., Chaplain

Staten Island, New York

It is the bounden duty of every authentic counselor to empathize with a grieving human being who is going through emotional pain.

The feeling of emotional distress may be an outcome of divorce or any other human experience that can trigger the feelings of an emotional pain.

The human mind is very fragile and it takes few minutes or seconds for some individuals who are feeling the sense of abandonment, rejection, cheated and unloved to commit suicide or choose life.

The task of the modern Counselor or Chaplain who has been trained in the fundamentals of a modern psychological methodology of counseling is to be a listener. It means the Counselor must pry into the hidden emotional key words embedded in the pronouncements of the patient without posing questions.

It is the responsibility of the Counselor to step into the world view or the pit of the patient to assist him or her to come out of it. And it takes a lot of training to develop the skills to do it.

In fact, it is detrimental to the patient for any so-called Counselor to pontificate what a patient must do. It is about time Mr. Lutterodt puts an end to his Shaming methodology of counseling which is causing more harm in the psyche of the Ghanaian society.

If I were to grade Mr. Lutterodt on his counseling skills as my student I would give him the grade of ‘F’. He lacks the fundamentals of modern counsel skills; therefore, he should cease from upholding himself as a counselor. It is empirically evident that Mr. Lutterodt is out of touch with fundamentals of modern psychological counseling methodology.

In article entitled, “ Counselor Lutterodt Attacks Juliet Ibrahim”, dated, February 28, 2017, he rants on, “ I felt very sad that she wants people to stop pressure on her.

I see that as one of disappoints. The success of a woman is not owning a company and being the CEO. But rather making a family and making a man respected at the beautiful gate of the whole world…” Oh! What a shame Mr. Lutterodt? A human being, in the person of Ms. Juliet Ibrahim is feeling emotional pain due to divorce and why are you taking pleasure in shaming her as a Christian?

Where is the CHRIST in you? You are supposed to empathize with her and console her with flowering-Spirit words as a Christian; however, you are pontificating what you want her to do in order to shame her. You have miserably failed in your endeavor, the lady has greater Will Power than you.

Lady Ibrahim is feeling a sense of loss and we need to empathize with her by supporting her Divine-Right decision to be a good mother to her child and also an Awesome CEO for her business. It is about time a qualified Counselor/Chaplain stands up to Mr. Lutterodt and his archaic methodology of counseling. We need to throw light on the false pronouncements of Mr. George Lutterodt. He is a fake Counselor nobody should pay attention to him.

Ms. Julliet Ibrahim, I do empathize with you and support your decision to be a good mother to your child and taking care of your business. I am praying for the Divine Protection of your family and business. I am casting the Divine Fire around you, child and business for your protection. Your business shall prosper! I appreciate your Will Power and continue to be strong! God, Allah, or the Cosmic Energy will continue to empower you. Amen!

Your business shall prosper! I appreciate your Will Power and continue to be strong! God, Allah, or the Cosmic Energy will continue to empower you. Amen!

Columnist: Rev. Yaw Obeng-Aduasare
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