Akufo-Addo’s fake messianic change; the tears of a nation

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Tue, 10 Apr 2018 Source: Cletus Abaare

Once upon a time, my late father jokingly told me when we were sweating under a harsh scorching sun tilting soil around the roots of our millet crops that ‘my boy, karma is a bitch.

And time as you see it, is not a good friend; it exposes each of us sooner than we expect’. At that tender age combined with the magnitude of hunger tearing down the walls of my stomach, I only greeted such with anger and in my mind I said ‘why won’t this old man mind the way speaks sometimes. I am too hungry to interpret parables’ and simply continued with my business on the hard ground. Who cares when a monkey complains of cholera!

But today, in the sad voice of the late South African reggae star, Lucky Philip Dube, here I am with the two parables, said many years ago, starring at me in the face. It is like, the ghost of my late father is teasingly tapping me on my shoulder with a terrible laughter. He appears to be telling me ‘son what I told you years ago before joining my ancestors, is here with you’. And yes, I can see that myself.

Both sayings are a combined description of the New Patriotic Party’s government led by president Nana Akufo-Addo today. Both are telling us that this government is a big mistake and an act of mis-judgment by the Ghanaian electorate during the 2016 general elections.

Imagine the state of Ghana by now if the NPP and its then flagbearer had not won the 2016 elections. Just visualise Akufo-Addo, flanged by those he would described as competent men and women who had the magic wand of saving Ghana, preaching about his own competence on a political podium and how he had the master key of turning Ghana into paradise in no time. Yes! In no time!.

Relate all that to a massive demonstration garnished with intended violence, matching from the popular Obra spot through the principal streets of Accra against what he would’ve described as insensitive, reckless, clueless and extremely corrupt administration of John Mahama. Just imagine how he would be addressing the crowd and accusing Mr Mahama of playing with the destiny of Ghana and for that matter deliberately inflicting pains in Ghanaians. Politics, is a dirty game indeed!

Today, here we have him as our president. His men and women he sold to Ghanaians as competent beyond doubt are his Hundai i10 ministers, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and those occupying positions that matter most in the country. And yet, he appears to be questioning whether he is the president of Ghana or John Mahama is still in charge of the country’s affairs. Seen?

Our elders will simply put it that when the load is not on your head, you can’t tell how heavy it weights. Karma is indeed, a bitch. And time is nobody’s friend. I remember vividly that before the 2016 elections, NPP boasted that Ghana could only move forward with Nana Akufo-Addo as president. That, our destiny as a people was heading towards a brutal truncation if the NPP had loss that election. It is also common knowledge that if Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP had loss that election, chaos and bloody violence would’ve swept Ghana off her feet.

What was bound to follow was the obvious, to instigate Ghanaians to be very aggressive towards the Mahama’s administration. Ghanaians would have been told daily that the messiah was robbed of victory. Their propaganda wing would have told us that the man, who was sent by God to deliver Ghana from extreme poverty and suffering we are faced with today, was robbed.

We would have been told that Ghana could have become the greatest country on the surface of the earth under Nana Akufo-Addo presidency. But Karma is truly a bitch and time, indeed, is nobody’s friend. The emperor is now naked!

The dangerous propaganda of the NPP was impactful. It gave no room to the caution that it’s only a fool who measures the depth of the river with both feet. For the want of power without prudence, the then opposition leader measured the depth of the river with both feet. The result is what we are witnessing now; he is drowning!

Such was the nature of their politics at the time. Desperation to rule Ghana consumed their level of thinking and judgement. They never allowed the John Mahama administration a breathing space to work. They painted gloomy pictures of the former government. They accused its appointees of suffocating the country to its untimely death through massive corruption, day-light robbery of state resources and fraudulent policies.

Ghanaians clapped in dismay. We hailed them as the messiahs. And when it was time for elections; we massively endorsed them against a sitting government, first of its kind in the history of Ghana.

Today, here we are, close to two years: their messianic propaganda is fast being exposed by time. Failure, disappointment and recklessness are becoming their trade mark. The Saviour is not in the Akufo-Addo as Ghanaians had thought. He is not even a replica of the saviour. Our ship is sinking. Our captain of the ship is confused. He is overwhelmed by the challenges before him. He appears very clueless in saving our sinking ship.

Our yesterday’s saviour is being badly exposed by time that his messianic change promised Ghanaians was a mere scaremongering. Karma is, indeed, a bitch. Few days ago, I roamed the streets of Ashaiman and ended up interacting with some market women. The question I posed to some was simple; are you better today than before 2016? And strangely, those who were shouting the messianic change slogan were the first to admit that ‘this change is a big mistake’. The emperor is naked. They are full of regrets and would wish to reverse it.

Today, here we have President Akufo-Addo, being demystified and unmasked before everybody. That the man who Ghanaians thought to be the saviour is indeed a fake man. He is not the saviour Jesus Christ we expected. But rather a man driven by indecisiveness, lack of control and discipline, lack of integrity and honesty and not a good listener. And above all a president who cannot stand the slightest of pressure from his people. Last week, he crowned it all by dancing naked in the market-place. Pressure of an ordinary demonstration by citizens who obliged to his call not to be spectators sent him to the market place without clothes.

A man who led countless demonstrations, some leading to the death of innocent people is today going mad over a single demonstration? An opposition leader who could criticise a government without thinking through is today complaining of criticisms? Seen? Karma, is a bitch and time is nobody’s friend.

Some of the most vociferous critics of the former Mahama government have badly been exposed. Alhaji Dr Muhamudu Bawumia deployed all the heights of his economic intelligence to rundown the Mahama government at the least opportunity.

Though, most were outright lies. But he got away with them. Truth is that no one in the former government was able to match the quality of his naked propaganda about the economy and how it was allegedly mismanaged. He smoothly and successfully courted the anger of Ghanaians against the then government. Today, Dr Bawumia, our economic messiah is missing in action. The economy of the country is tip-toeing into a big pit. The cedi is tired of chasing the dollar and now saluting every foreign currency. Yet, the man who looked into the eyes of Ghanaians and told us that “we have the money in this country to transform Ghana and the lives of its citizens” is now deaf and dumb. Karma is a bitch, indeed.

The NPP and its propagandists used to very to be creative and dynamic in attacking the former government policies. Everything about the then government to them was bad and a threat to the survival of Ghana. Now faced with the challenges of the real job, the only thing that comes out of their mouths is the dumbest argument that John Mahama and his former appointees are our problems. Like seriously? Are they that daft? If Ghanaians didn’t know that the former government was a problem, why vote them out? We are told on daily that John Mahama and his people stole all the money and left the country broke. And it is a stupid point to say that the previous government stole all the money.

How about all the money that has been earned and borrowed since then? Missing? What is responsible really for this drift, this cluelessness, this self-abuse, from a know-it-all party that won power on a silver-platter? Assuming, you went to the bush and met your father almost being killed by a wild animal, you are armed to the teeth and could kill it. But instead of doing the needful, you are running around announcing to people that your father is being killed by a wild animal. And when they asked what you did to it since you are armed, you tell them you will kill it at the right time. Yet, you want the outraged people to clap for you and say; you are doing great. Haabaa!

Truth is, the Akufo-Addo-Bawumia government that came to power at the back of preaching against corruption is now more corrupt than the previous government. This government that in opposition made mockery of the former government for over borrowing has proved to be the master borrower. What a shock! Is it possible that all the oil wells have dried up, the cocoa beans vanished, our gold no longer existing, the timber and all our natural resources are now history and Ghana no longer makes money barely two years of winning power? What has happened to the money they saw while in opposition? Seen?

Talk, they say is very cheap and karma remains a bitch. The absurdity with this government is that they still believe in the blame game. But sadly, they have forgotten that that trick is no longer welcome by Ghanaians. No. Never again!

Need I remind Ghanaians how he was presented to us? Akufo-Addo, the incorruptible, the only clean politician was packaged as a morally upright statesman who would put an end to the canker of corruption, the gratuitous dissipation of the public by politicians who seek wealth rather than serving the nation and the impunity of armed robbers. He was thought to be a strongman. A no nonsense politician. But here we are today with a naked emperor. Ghanaians now have a president who is involved in the latest hit in town, the one-corner dance by Paatapaa. Seen? He is doing his own things at Jubilee House leaving Ghanaians to their fate.

He only wanted to be president and he is president. He promised Ghanaians that when elected, our suffering was over. The factories for each district throughout the country will take off. Dams would be dug throughout every community in the country for those who care to farm. Every constituency was going to receive a whopping one million dollar to enhance development. In fact, Ghana was going to be a country of milk and honey! But almost two years down line; the emperor is naked. He is impotent. Karma is a bitch.

President Akufo-Addo, has been exposed to be nothing sort of a weak, clueless and impotent leader.

The president is in crises. Ghanaians once thought that under his watch, the problem of insecurity in the country, the indiscipline will be solved. But under him, with four ministers in charge of our National security, the first in the history of Ghana, yet the country is in the state of anarchy. From the lawless seizures of cars belonging to innocent citizens, the day-light raid of our courts that left a poor female judge running for her dear life by the party’s terrorist groups and other unspeakable security threats that have engulfed the country.

Day-light armed robbery is at its historic peak. In fact Ghana is not safe! The security situation has only worsened. On all fronts, the government is found wanting. The government is confused. Karma is a real bitch. Time is nobody’s friend!

I shall be back!

Columnist: Cletus Abaare
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