All inclusive governance cannot thrive

Sun, 25 Aug 2013 Source: Akaho, Felix Junior

in a malicious characterized continent like Africa

On the back of the impending verdict of the Supreme court of Ghana, all

well-meaning individuals, notable among which are statesmen and women seems

to be working around the clock to ensure that the peace the country enjoys

currently is maintained, no matter whose favour the verdict goes.

*“Let me hasten to add, no matter where the pendulum switches”*

The sole motivate of maintaining the enviable peace the nation enjoys I

must say has pushed individuals, organisations, corporate bodies among a

host of bodies to strategically craft activities with that would eventually

drum home the need to maintain the peace.In view of this, Contempt

sanctions, peace ambassadorial activities, sporting activities among

supposed rivalry groups, to mention but few seem to top a host of these

strategic activities.

For the genuine-ss of such a plea among other things I must say are very

welcoming, but the current of situations which in my opinion marred the

efforts made so far, is the clarion called for an inclusive government

after the verdict has been pronounced.

Before I further my argument on why I think such a call at a moment is a

misplaced one, let me start by fetching you with the textual evidence to

the claim.

It started with the envoy of “Presidential Candidates” in the just ended

election 2012, without the two frontrunners, Mahama and Akuffo Addo, who on

their visits to the homes of the aforementioned front-runners to remind

them of the need for peace after the verdict, also made it a case to press

home the need for an inclusive government.

As if not enough, Dr. Kwabena Adjei, who needs no mention in the politics

of our nation, takes the baton from them by also calling for an inclusive

government at the just ended anniversary celebrations of the New Patriotic

Party over the weekend. The aftermath which in a way was expected to happen

have been the numerous media discussions of the issue.

At a point where the bruises of a sort caused by this call is being healed

with the passing week, there comes another strong one from another notable

figure Most Reverend Palmer Buckle, and Honourable Fiifi kwetey, all in

favour and an affirmation of the need for an all inclusive government.

The real essence of an inclusive government with its benefits cannot be

underestimated, but there are equally many dire-consequences to be paid for

it when not properly done. After all, every endeavour must be pursued with

an equally favourable environment. The I argument I seek to further is that

the sort of politics the continent and therefore our nation Ghana

encourages would do us no good if we decide to go the way of an

all-inclusive government.

It did augur well for nations of the west though, but they (western

nations) had leaders who sort for the well-being of their nations, devoid

of the pursuance missions of vendetta and vilification. But ours and that

of the African continent is largely, the otherwise.

Akuffo Addo, And Kwebena Adjei

To make situations worse per the case of Ghana, the nation lacks the

blueprint by way of a national policy to guide the activities of successive

governments. I must vehemently stress that the need for an all-inclusive

government cannot be achieved with the mere implementation of party

manifestoes. You cannot employ anyone whose idiosyncrasies is at variance

with yours and expect him to do a good job.

Again, our past experiences might not favour us. The pull him down

syndrome has clouded our actions of the past, and even the current. This

syndrome has not only being extended to the doorsteps of people we consider

our ideological enemies, but even within the group of like-minded

individuals, it abounds and has affected many envisaged progresses in the

past. Can you imagine what would happen to an NPP faithful appointed to

work under an NDC dominated government? Your guess at this point is even

better than mine.

On these note, I would end with the issue of malice which I believe I do

not properly qualify to speak on because whatever be the case, the truth

as justice lies in you bosom.

All inclusive governance, I insist cannot thrive in a malicious

characterized continent like Africa; therefore its advocates must come


*“The above raised points are the rotten teeth of the situation which

still remains; therefore we can chew, but it only with caution”.




Columnist: Akaho, Felix Junior