Ashantiphobia , A myth or reality ?

Wed, 20 Feb 2013 Source: Tamakloe, Kojo

Kojo Tamakloe

• Phobia is a type of anxiety disorder . It is a strong, irrational fear of something that poses little or no actual danger. Or as a noun a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object , activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.

So what is Ashanti phobia. ? An Irrational fear of Ashanti? Not long ago we read about a 13 year old called Agor , obviously from the Volta Region who drowned with his Asante “brother” in a ditch left by contractors as he went in to save his life when the latter was drowning Unfortunately both perished. It is obvious that the parents perhaps not very educated had taught their children they were all one. They did not fill them with hatred or fear of one another. They probably buried them side by side. Joined in love for eternity . It was as St Paul had written to the Romans “ there is neither Jew nor Greek” . So if this is the kind of life we have on the ground but since the election we have hostility from one side , namely the NPP , its executive, membership and supporters which at times becomes violent , should right thinking people not ask if other tribes are safe in that particular area? What is irrational about that ?

Let us recap. NPP and its supporters since the loss in December elections have been unable to accept it and have resorted to all kinds of antics to destabilize the nation. They have thrown patriotism and nationalism aside and have decided to be OBSTRUCTIONISTS. I have written some time ago to ask if the NPP is an opposition party or a resistance movement ?They have boycotted the vetting process, organized protest marches, vilified and demonized the EC and the Commissioner , tried to provoke the security forces, staged sit downs and numerous press conferences while in court disputing an election the whole world had declared and certified free, fair and transparent . In spite of that they stoop so low as to rejoice when your national soccer team, the famous Black stars is beaten . That is called UNPATRIOTIC. It borders on being a traitorous .In defense of the disgraceful action we have Okatakyie writing this “ Fellow citizens, the time is running fast on us to redeem the image of mother Ghana. We cannot allow Chinese, Togolese, Malians, Ivorians, and Burkinabes, who have found their way into the NDC to determine our destiny. In the course of their heated arguments, Kofi Adams was portrayed as a Togolese, though he admitted being a Nigerian; Alhaji Bature was seen as a Nigerian; and Asiedu Nketiah, an Ivorian. And with John " Womaniser" Mahama as president, Amissah "Gay" Arthur as vice, and Nana Oye "Lesbian" Lithur as Minister of Gender and Children, where lies our dignity in the comity of nations as Ghanaians? Let's gird our loins and put the misrule of these nonentities on hold!”.The funny side is the people labeled Bukinabes, Togolese, Nigerians, and Ivorians were more patriotic as they went in mourning at the loss . How come the “ real Ghanaians” were the ones rejoicing? They were praying that the ruling party should not achieve anything .What a shame . Is that not like the Republicans wishing President Obama to fail. The NPP really wants Ghana to fail. Then one needs to ask “ who are the nonentities”?

The same writer talked about how in the coup, Asantes, Gen Ik Acheampong and Afrifra were singled and shot for being Asante. This is False , Shot also were Rear admiral Amedume and the Border Guards Commander Gen Utuka both from the VOLTA region . Roger Felli was killed and he came from the North. But also those who perished were people like Brig Wellington and Robert Kotei. Is Okatakyie not falsifying history to create tribal division? It is these kind of tribalists who need to be feared.?

The world looks at Africans or Blacks as primitive . In other words we are viewed with a negative perception. As I have written the second world war ended in 1945 . The Germans on one side with the British , French, Spain and the other on another side.It was a brutal war and the destruction both in lives and property great. Today they work together .Having used the Marshall plan to rebuild their economies. They will not do that for us . How do the negative posts by the authors of these tribalistic articles help or enhance Africa’s poor or negative image? How do these articles help to erase the negative perceptions about us Black people. ? How are the disrespect to Our leaders and the PRESIDENCY encourage the advanced economies to come and invest in our growing economies. I find the rational behind the insults to the Presidency and certain tribes confusing . Since Okatakyie and his ilk are the “real” Ghanaians should they not be coming up with positive ideas as to how to move Ghana forward instead of, "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Do you want to be ruled by your inferiors, my dear reader? Obviously No! Who are the “ inferiors”? To my mind the issue is not the Minister and the question of safety but the unpatriotic nature of the NPP in rejoicing over our loss to Bukina Faso . That is the question we need to answer.

This is my plea to Sarpong and Okatakyie and the others defending the unpatriotic indefensible shameful action of the NPP members .Apologise. Africa is blessed with many natural resources . But a lot of us live below the poverty line. These are found in all regions so we should stop being ostriches with our heads buried in the sand . A great many also live on $1-2 dollars per day . If you are fortunate enough to be in the wealthy class, God Bless you . But as is said “ those to whom more is given , more is expected” . It becomes your duty , a task , a job to help bring others up. You can do it in your community. Let us write articles that will enhance the image of Africans and solve our problems. Our enemies rejoice when we fight and tear each other apart. We live in an age of ideas , and it is our collective ideas that will move us forward . Let us remember “ it is the little drops that make a mighty ocean”

PS I will suggest you read Kennedy Arthurs post on “the new scramble for Africa”, and the other by Nana Akomea on the widening deficit between our imports and exports followed by our inability to make use of AGoa .

Forward Ever , backwards never

The writer Kojo tamakloe , is an Nkrumaist who believes it is through African unity that our under development can be solved

Columnist: Tamakloe, Kojo

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