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JDM and the politics of roads in Ghana

JDM made a lot of noise on how he has built many roads in Ghana, fortunately, today, he is back on our roads.

Today, he must get a copy of his green book, look at what they put out there and compare it with the reality of what he saw, and maybe, if he still has some integrity left to protect, he will apologize to us.

If you tell lies about roads because you were always in the air with helicopters, the opposition will expose you.

Jdm takes us for granted, I heard his claim that all his projects have been abandoned. What at all were the projects that, you couldn’t finish in the eight years that you were in government.

Let him and his handlers be told that, we stayed off his comments because he was on a tour for an internal election, we are waiting for him. Let him come and repeat those “things” after their primaries, we shall EXPOSE him big time.

My brother, if I may ask, how did he make his way to Salaga? When the brother was transporting his equipment to Salaga, to begin with, the construction of the road, a military contingent had to guide the equipments, something I have never seen in my life. It was as if life was coming to an end, today, what is the state of the road.

The last time I drove on the Sawgla road to Wa, the part between Larabanga and Sawgla was fast degrading. And this is his flagship project in the North.

When Nana ADDO told him that he traveled around the country but could not see the new roads as we were being told, JDM, sarcastically responded that Nana ADDO was sleeping throughout his trips. But Nana ADDO asked how he could have slept on those bumpy roads?

Today, my brother, help me to ask him, was he able to sleep in the vehicle while he was touring the North?

We are impatiently waiting for him, let him repeat those “things”, we shall respond to him, appropriately.

The best, my brother.


Columnist: Teacher Tahiru
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