Kpessah Whyte chopped about GHC60k of NASPA money

Mon, 6 Nov 2017 Source: Vincent Ekow Assafua

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On 20th of January 2017, I visited the GCB Bank branch, where NASPA has always kept its official association account.

Of course I paid that visit in my capacity as the acting NASPA President in spite of Kpessa Whyte’s tyrannical attempt to alienate me from the association.

It is to be noted that as co-signatory to the account, it is improper almost, criminal for money to be withdrawn from the account without my authorization.

The NASPA President being signatory to the account is nothing new; it has always been the norm as far back as the days of Alhaji Imoro.

It would be interesting to note that I personally made the effort to have my co-signatory changed from Alhaji’s name to Kpessa Whyte upon his assumption of the Executive Directorship role.

As at the time, about 54,000 cedis remained in the account. My last request for a statement from the bank confirmed that indeed the account held the said 54000 cedis with an additional 248,000 cedis pending (attached is a copy cheque and pay voucher)

Below are the figures for 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 service year

2015/2016---- 78956

2016/2017---- 69641

It is to be recalled that between 2015 and 2017, a total of 150, 000 service persons were posted by the NSS Secretariat. Now assuming that each service Person was deducted 2cedis which indeed is the case, NASPA’s ACCOUNT should have in the excess 300, 000cedis seated in the account plus the already existing cash of 54, 000 cedis.

The big question is na sika no wohi? It is suspected that, monies had been deducted in the name of NASPA dues and channeled into Kpessa Whyte’s personal account or it is once again a clear revelation of his machination by use of ghost names to generate extra funding for the NDC'S 2016 campaign.

Clearly, for Kpessa Whyte and his cronies, 'ghosts' do not pay dues hence where there are monies deducted from ghost names, other sinister beings must do the spending.

The question Kpessa Whyte must answer is: na NASPA sika no wahi?

Vincent Ekow Assafua

Former NASPA President


Columnist: Vincent Ekow Assafua
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