Lawyer Sosu writes: We did our politics but God chose his leader

Lawyer Sosu Francis Xavier Sosu

Sat, 10 Dec 2016 Source: Francis Xavier Sosu

By Francis Xavier Sosu

I think the voice of change is louder in this election than the voice of continuity.

I’m almost certain that most Ghanaians voted for change. Looking at Central, Eastern, Western and Brong Ahafo and a greater Accra, the dynamics clearly shows that the NPP has gone past their traditional two regions they control.

Volta turnout too not too encouraging.

I monitored the elections in about 25 communities and believe in how free and fair this election has been.

There may be various issues of over-voting, unsigned pink-sheets etc but I must concede that that Change has come.

Looks like Ghana may go the way of 8 years for every party.

Congratulations to the Elephant family. Let’s measure out celebrations.

Let’s maintain our peace.

But then again we can all be more certain after EC has declared.

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Columnist: Francis Xavier Sosu
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