Mahama's desire to lead Ghana again is a political play to destroy NDC

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Fri, 24 Aug 2018 Source: Barrister Danny

Conspicuously, he who understands both Ancient Greece and modern-day politicking knows without any shred of doubt, that Mahama comes nowhere near to the winning arena. But of course, politics sometimes is full of illogical decisions, especially those who become over-ambitious and get frustrated in the end. What the former President Mahama is doing right now is a clear indication of a person frustrated out of a huge loss of power but full of Narcissistic thoughts.

NDC has other qualified men to lead the party, but Mahama sees himself as the only Wise king to make the party his Bona fide property. That is to say that, 'no one qualifies to lead the party once he is still alive'.

What is new?

Is he coming back to cancel Nurses/Teacher training allowance that he has always kicked against?

Is he coming back to TAKEOFF the wise implemented Free SHS which is helping all and Sundry to have access to secondary education?

Is he coming back to cancel NABCO project which is helping over 100,000 unemployed graduates with Zero working experience?

Is he coming back to restore his 'legalized corruption' that engulfed his constitutionally uprooted government?

Is he coming to continue with his excessive borrowing with Zero meritorious project(s) to show off?

Is he not the one who was rejected by Ghanaians with over 1.5 Million votes difference?

Anyway, Ghanaians are not kids, they have already known him so I will only wish him well to win primaries which is already a done deal for him. But NDC folks should know that NDC now belongs to Mahama but not Ghana.

Best regards.

Columnist: Barrister Danny
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