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Mirroring KNUST sexual escapade

The mounting of giant screen to project the alleged leaked sex tape of colleague student at the Kwame Nkrumah university of science and technology (Knust) is objectionably uncalled and sparks a huge indictment on our educational system.

This act is equally a violation of fundamental human rights of the victims and a sexual assault that requires a thorough investigation to trail and nab the miscreants who perpetrated this abominable act.

For students aspiring to take future responsibilities of this country to be complicit in such an embarrassing adventure and a malicious crusade against a colleague student is at the hight of intellectual madness.

For Christ sake this is an institution of higher learning where it's expected that a remarkable display of intellectual appropriateness must not be savaged with uncultured youthful exuberance and abject campus fantasies.

This singular act of slavish subjection is as unpardonable as it's condemnable.

The seeming act of indifference shown by the school authorities since the incident broke into various public platforms assert the lingering public convictions of a convulsing leadership in the school. It's on public records that the likes of Dr. Amoako Baah who is very critical of government policies and plans to pushed such equally important and sensitive issue to his blind side, a development which most of us consider unfortunate and hypocritical.

Indecent exposure is a direct contravention of our laws and it's in this light that l call the police to grab this matter and deal with it drastically.

Although the action of videoing a flamboyant sexual race for public consumption is illegal in our jurisdiction, we must begin to interrogate the exact intentions of the two which culminated in the filming of this act. I have no qualms with the culprits if the two decided to film their sexual scene for private use and were not in anyway involved in the leakage of this filthy video nonsense, despite the eligibility of pronouncing them guilty on moral grounds and the subsequent concerns it raises about the level of deterioration of our moral fabrics as a society with a renowned composite culture, l absolutely find nothing wrong with the actions of these two adults who got fraternised in a sexual fanfare.

Advertising the perceived inequities of colleague student on such ignominious

fashion has no value of deterrence to sandwich or curtail future occurrence but to set a parlance of death for victims who are not equanimous. Every action which seek to set the death drill for helpless victims to slip to perdition is considered a criminal act and requires a swift legal intervention.

There have been several instances of sucidal

deaths associated with these spiraling sexual leakages and as prospective leaders of this country pursuing intellectual actualisation in the various field study, they should have known better.

This act will obviously revive various arguments which seek to cast a slur at modern Ghanaian students, which describes some of them as ambassadors of intellectual failure who consistently hoist the flag of anti-intellectualism. Already the industrial sector has shown a complete regard for the quality of tertiary education and would prefer to retain the tired-brains (those due for retirement) than to try a modern graduate.

This negative impressions should rather motivate students to endeavour to touch the tail of academic redemption to neutralise these band of negative tag but some elements hiding in the academic industry continue fiercely turn themselves into worshippers of the resurgence of moral trepidation in our institutions, championing the cause of academic absurdity.

It's surprising that the various human rights groups and female advocacy platforms are silent on this sensitive issue, are we saying the sins of the victims merit the unfortunate screen display of the alleged leaked sex video ?

I expect swift response from the leadership of the university. Internal probe into the matter at the preliminary stage of investigation will complement the police efforts at bringing these criminals to justice.

The deafening silence of the school authorities will offer solace to these bunch of lawless brigades to celebrate their shameful act as heroes of our time who thrive on ruthless pragmatism. There's is a need to send a strong worded message to these bandits few that the reputable of institution of Knust calibre will not fall for such impertinence.

I therefore admonish all students at the various university campuses who see the university campuses as a holy arena for sexual redemption to go in search of their lost thinking cups and re-orient themselves to settle under the umbrella of moral renaissance . It's sad note how some students dress on campus. At the various hostels and halls female students especially do advertise their appetising sexual parts for reason difficult to discuss. This uncultured and overrated Western dressings is in a worse form at the country's premier university, university of Ghana, a concern a friend at Elizabeth hall called Nana Jingles keeps echoing. This unguided model of dressings in various universities in the country may be indirectly be a causal factor in the many sex tape leakages from universities but its imperceptible motivations cannot be ruled out.

The preservation of sexual sanctity through decent dressings has a greatest advantage of burying these evil practices.

It may not be wholly unwholesome to say most ladies deserve some of these sexual exploits because of the way and manner they conduct themselves at the various campuses but preserving the integrity of our schools should be of paramount interest.

I entreat all students at the various institutions to refrain from all act of sexual misconducts and focus on their core mandate at school, which is training their brain/mind to be at its finest capacity to be able handle and decipher problems we encounter in life and leave a positive impact on others to inspire them to follow.

The childish coat some students put on at school all in the name of being students and engage in all sorts of nefarious acts and stupidity should be made to retire from those silly coats to save the sinking image of university education in Ghana. The bible is my witness.

Ivan Kyei Innocent nanakyei81@gmail.com/0206262717

Columnist: Innocent, Ivan Kyei