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Thu, 19 Oct 2017 Source: Amenga-Etego SaCut

This week, the NDC leadership decided to scrap the party's new biometric register of members with the excuse that it lacks Integrity to be used for internal elections. I was not shocked but I was surprised.

If our failed NDC party leaders are bold enough to admit that the biometric register of members, on which some of us have our names, lacks integrity, they should be even bolder to further admit that such a register without integrity could only have been a product of a bankrupt leadership without integrity.

After all, wasn't it the same leadership that initiated, implemented and managed the entire biometric registration system that they now claim to lack integrity?

Who takes responsibility for the lack of integrity of a membership register that was supposed to be an enhancement of the old-age manual registration system?

Are our leaders now saying that the problems with the manual registration system - for which the biometric register was meant to cure in the first place - are more tolerable than the problems that emerged out of a biometric register that supposedly lacks integrity.

And if the same failed leadership without integrity are now going back to manage a manual registration system, what will guarantee the integrity of such a system?? Absolutely nothing!

Anyways, based on this premise, and having taken the minority decision(they claim it was a ''unanimous'' NEC decision but I double doubt that) to invalidate and totally scrap the biometric register, we the majority(foot soldiers) can also now totally scrap away the current entire discredited and failed leadership of the NDC without integrity who are responsible for this same discredited and now defunct biometric register. This way, we can all start afresh!!! or??

I enjoy freedom after speech.

Columnist: Amenga-Etego SaCut
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