NPP 2024: Alan and Bawumia, who has the superior connection advantage - Part 4

Alan Kyerematen And Mahamudu Bawumia Mahamudu Bawumia and Alan Kyerematen

Tue, 6 Jun 2023 Source: E. G. Buckman

The social factor connection is going to be the final part of our connection factors series. So far, we have looked at the economic, religious, and ethnic connection factors. Let it be said that decisions of voters are always influenced in one way or the other by myriads of factors, and in no circumstance should any factor be considered insignificant.


Under this factor connection, we will restrict ourselves to the following: *how societal expectation and perception influence voters’ decision, the weight society places on the issue of character, credibility and integrity of candidates or aspirants*, and finally do objective comparison between Alan and Bawumia in respect of the aforementioned points.

For those of us who were in Legon Hall, our hall motto taught us that “To whom much is given much is expected” I have always admonished politicians to be wary in the kind of impressions or promises they give to voters when they get caught up in campaign rallies euphoria, for out of every impression or promise given, expectation is birthed. And, once that expectation is not nursed properly, disappointment or mistrust is created.


In the case of Dr. Bawumia, the impressions and promises he gave to Ghanaians relative to his economic prowess were quite enormous. It wasn’t for nothing that he was ascribed the nickname “economic messiah” or “economic wizkid.”

How many Ghanaians ever thought the country’s economy would one day get to where it finds itself, with Dr, Bawumia being in charge of its management, especially when one considers how Nana Addo touted his economic credentials relative to foreign exchange management.

Unfortunately, today, Dr. Bawumia is being ridiculed within the country’s economic space because he couldn’t meet the expectation of Ghanaians in respect of most of the things he promised or made them believe he could accomplish.

As a result, his words don’t seem to mean anything within the economic space anymore. He really led Ghanaians to a place of great expectations, hence the great disappointment, mistrust, and disconnection.

No wonder he is now struggling to find a new voice and solace in the digital space on the back of the Fourth Industrial Revolution nonsense. Before you roast me with insults, check your dictionary to know that the word ‘nonsense’ simply means written or spoken words that make no sense.

Does it make any economic sense for some people to be talking about the Forth Industrial Revolution when we haven’t even started our First Industrial Revolution as a nation?

Let it be made known to the Fourth Industrial Revolution noisemakers that *Whereas Americans and Western Europeans had their Second Industrial Revolution in the 19th Century, Indians and Chinese had their First Industrial Revolution in the 20th Century.*

The Indians and Chinese started their First Industrial Revolution at a time the Americans and Europeans were on the third stretch of their revolution. The earlier they stopped the noise, the better.

Furthermore, unfortunately for Dr. Bawumia’s, there have been some disturbing exposés recently relative to some undeserved credits he had taken for some of the things that have been done within the digital space.

For instance, his spokesperson and economic advisor, Dr. Gideon Boako came out recently to tell Ghanaians that the Mobile Money Interoperability idea, which enables the transfer of cash between two different networks, was developed by Dr. Bawumia.

However, it has now been revealed that that assertion was a palpable falsehood. The bitter truth is that that digital project was started by the NDC, under the ministerial leadership of Hon. Haruna Iddrisu, as Communication Minister.

It was then continued by Hon. Ursula Owusu, the current Minister of Communication and Digitalization. Sadly, albeit Dr. Bawumia himself once admitted he didn’t develop it; his guys are still making noise that he developed it from scratch.

Lest I forget, it has also been revealed that the Port Paperless Project, which was credited to the account of Dr. Bawumia, by his spokespersons, was actually executed by Hon. Carlos Ahinkorah and a team of digital experts.

Sadly, some people wouldn’t leave the Vice President alone to have his peace of mind in his newfound haven. The exposés have become one too many on the back of public disappointment and mistrust.


Mr. Alan Kyeremaren, on the other hand, can not be said to have given Ghanaians impressions and promises that have birthed great expectations from them. One area within the economic space that is profoundly credited to him is the 1D1F, which is now the toast of the president, the vice president, and NPP communicators.

Dr. Bawumia, recently at Kumawu by-election rally, touted the government’s remarkable achievement in industrialization. Respectfully, he should have asked the party supporters gathered to applaud Mr. Alan Kyerematen for that extraordinary feat.

Perhaps, I also need to add the Automotive Industry Development, which has brought five major car manufacturing companies into the country, as well as the biggest economic project in Africa, Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

Ghana is now the economic capital of Africa, thanks to Mr. Alan Kyeremaren for fighting very hard to bring the headquarters of such a monumental economic project to Ghana. He conceived and created AfCFTA from scratch, yet he rarely talks about it.

All these have led to significant employment of many Ghanaians.

So, in terms of expectations, any objective person can comfortably say Mr. Alan Kyerematen has far exceeded the expectations of Ghanaians relative to what was assigned to him to accomplish by the President, albeit there are still financial challenges that need to be fixed by the Minister of Finance to enable the 1D1F players to grow and expand, and to employ more labor force.

The only thing his critics seem to have against him is the fact that he was a member of the EMT at the time Ghana went to the IMF. However, he has objectively indicated his belief that some things should have been done differently and has also assured Ghanaians that his GTP will set the country on the path of its 1st Industrial Revolution.

To be continued

Shalom shalom!

E. G. Buckman

Columnist: E. G. Buckman
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