NPP Chairmanship race: Freddie Blay the ultimate choice

Freddie Blay655 Acting New Patriotic Party (NPP) Chairman, Freddie Blay

Fri, 6 Apr 2018 Source: Zuberu Aliu

To be a great leader, there’s no such thing as a challenge too big to handle.

Reed Markham once said “Successful leaders see the opportunities in every difficulty rather than the difficulty in every opportunity.”

Mr. Frederick Worsemao Armah Blay, popularly called Freddie Blay saw the opportunities in the difficult situation the great NPP found itself when the office of the national chairman became vacant. Mr. Blay accepted the challenge wholeheartedly and held the helm at the time when the sea was really trembling.

Freddie Blay’s experiences as a leader are not in doubt. Politically, Freddie Blay led the Parliament of Ghana as Second and First Deputy Speaker. He was handed the opportunity by delegates to lead the NPP when he was elected as the First Vice Chairperson and subsequently led the opposition NPP to win the 2016 elections as the Acting National Chairman.

One key characteristic that defines Freddie Blay’s success is the fact that he is humble and doesn’t one to do it all himself or taking the credit for doing it. He is by all standards a team player. The NPP delegates must be guided by the experience of losing the support of a national chairman and the role played by the successor. Freddie Blay stepped in at a crucial period and united all dissenting views for victory.

Freddie Blay understood the need to resource the NPP. As a lawyer, his firm represented and defended the party in several court cases. He single-handedly supported the party with 24 pick-ups. This gesture facilitated the work of the officers of the party. In this game of politics, publicity is a strong ‘weapon’. Mr. Freddie Blay’s leadership at Western Publications Limited, publishers of the Daily Guide newspaper got the newspaper to run PR for the NPP.

Undoubtedly, Mr. Freddie Blay is a youth crusader and is prepared to travel every mile to equip the youth of the NPP. Mr. Freddie Blay beliefs the youth are the face of the NPP and efforts at equipping them are non-negotiable. He’s earned the title ‘the youth ambassador’ in some quarters.

Dear delegates of the NPP, many would be called but in this case one will be chosen. Your choice should reflect the achievement of the candidate. Mr. Freddie Blay comes as a unifier, strategist, and team player. He has all it takes to strengthen the NPP and to take the party beyond 2020.

Mr. Freddie Blay can’t disappoint the NPP. He beliefs in the NPP ideology and this explained why he left the CPP to join the NPP. There’s no need for ‘try and error’ because Freddie Blay understands the terrain.

Columnist: Zuberu Aliu
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