NPP delegates confab – An example of sheer competence

Kufour Address Delegate Former President John Agyekum Kufuor addressing delegates at the conference

Thu, 31 Aug 2017 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

But for the fact that mankind is fallible, I would have stated categorically that anything that the NPP does is perfect, so let the term “near perfect” suffice for this purpose. The recent Delegates Conference organised at Cape Coast in the Central Region was glitch free, and magnificent. A pure show of beautiful democracy and national cohesion organised competently by the officers of the Party and the Director General of Operations at the Presidency, Lord Commey.

The invites extended to the opposition political parties, and the honouring of same by their officials, was testimony to the good faith that Ghanaians had about the general surge of patriotism never witnessed in this Republic since the betrayal by Kwame Nkrumah of his Bosses: JB Danquah; Akufo-Addo; Paa Willie; Obetsebi Lamptey and his brother, Lantei Lamptey; and so on, of blessed memory.

If Koku Anyidoho and Allotey Jacobs, the cantankerous mouthpieces of the noisy NDC, could shower accolades on the organisers of the whole event, especially Lord Commey, and attest to the democratic credentials chocked by the almost perfect show of NPP unity, then we can stick out our chests in pride to say that we are a party of no-negligence, invincible confidence, and sterling competence. The Deputy Minister of Interior, Hon Henry Quartey, showed the inglorious NDC how to live and let live. He taught Anyidoho and Jacobs how to be human. Of course he accorded them the cordialities of a magnificent occasion as this Confab; security and police escort.

I wish to congratulate my NPP fraternity for their peaceful conduct. Sincere gratitude goes out to Lord Commey and his team for the near perfect work that they did to ensure an unblemished success of this all-important event, as usual. By the way, when it comes to organisation of party and national events, nobody can beat this patriot at all. I am yet to hear of an unsuccessful event under Lord Commey’s auspices.

Having said that, my numerous submissions about Nana Akufo-Addo were vindicated at the said Delegates Congress, most especially the irenic trait that he so ably commands. An episode took place that seemed to be a call to expunge some names from the delegates register. His Excellency raised the red flag and shot that suggestion down. He refused the seeming ingratitude that it appeared to conceal in its verbose articulation. That is the President we voted for. The President of change has really brought change. Change in the general lackadaisical attitude of the nation, especially of the NDC, to use and abuse; to pool and to fool; to eat and to spit.

Yes, that was the gloomy situation persistent in this country of glory, dimmed by nitwits of a now opposition party of criminals and thieves. They pooled our resources and fooled us to think that they were working for the nation, but were rather stashing the loot in Dubai, and other places of their convenience. They used us and abused us: nurses were not paid; Arabic teachers were not given their allowances; Doctors were not paid; Nursing trainees were denied their allowances; Pensioners were robbed off their funds with over $70 million US Dollar robbery at SSNIT, and the covered rot is even more; they connived with Joseph Siaw Agyepong to steal our moneys – the latest being the $74 million US Dollar waste bin scandal; they stole billions of US Dollars of cocoa farmers’ money using the shameful thief, Opuni; and so on and so forth. They ate from the Ghanaian plate and spat right back into it to spite our honour and dignity.

Country men and women, Ladies and Gentlemen, let us not chew one another in public and subject our fraternity to public ridicule. We know that there are moles that are executing the agenda of the criminals in the NDC, so let us be circumspect who we allow into our comfort zones.

I won’t condone the mistakes of some of our overzealous peeps. I condemn the open accusations of corruption against some officers. But let us forgive and forget and begin a new era of a different kind; the kind that was exhibited by the NPP honourable men and women who strove to ensure that an indelible smile was drawn on the faces of deprived children about enjoying quality free education now; on the faces of the elderly who hitherto were suffering the adversities of NDC thieving manipulations; on the faces of the workers who are beginning to enjoy the fruits of their labour; on the faces of the strong Ghanaian workforce that was redundant until the “One District One Factory” took off; on the faces of the hapless farmers who were broken and distraught until the “One Village One Dam” started manifesting on the ground; on the faces of the hopeless Ghanaians who lined up in droves at the Embassy gates of the colonial slavers willing to be enslaved yet again because a bunch of NDC thieves in government under Atta Mills and John Mahama stole their future.

Now that we, competently led by His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, have the opportunity to rewrite our Ghanaian story, let us do same with the professionalism as exhibited by Lord Commey and co! Let us do same with the empathy as that our leaders have shown towards the nation! Let us do same with the skillful irenicism as that embedded in the genes of our President. GOD bless His Excellency the President, his government, my NPP family…and GOD bless Ghana!

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi
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