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NPP to consider this smart strategy to win the Kumawu parliamentary by-election to retain the seat

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Fri, 21 Apr 2023 Source: Rockson Adofo

I feel really exhausted and would ordinarily not wish to write anything today but for the sake of NPP enhancing their chances of winning the by-election, I will manage to put out this politically-correct publication.

NPP are to consider the following scenario or analogy to relate it to their current situation vis à vis the forthcoming Kumawu by-election.

A father has two sons and a nephew. Prior to the PNDC Law 111, intestate inheritance was in favour of a man’s nephew. This was so prevalent a culture in the Akan land, especially, among the Ashantis.

Now, a father is vacillating between making a will for his two sons but in the name of one, if they both agree, or he wills his property to his nephew. The father will be happier to have his property go to his sons but on the one condition that both sons consent to having the will made solely in the name of one of them or else, they both lose it to his nephew.

The elder son is seen in the eyes of many as humble and a much better person to manage the property to benefit the family to glorify the name of the father when he has passed than the younger son. The majority of the townsfolk are supportive of the elder son and will curse anyone, or any situation that causes the father to make the will for his nephew.

The younger son is so peeved because he cannot have his name mentioned in the will, although he will equally be a beneficiary, indirectly of course. He threatens to support the nephew to get his father’s property if he cannot be the one the father nominates to have him in the will.

The father is now very sorrowful. He risks doing what is not his heart desire; losing his property to his nephew, contrary to the new order where inheritance is passed to one’s offspring.

If you were the father and had your way, would you arrange people to persuade your younger son to accept that the property is willed to the elder son, or you will leave it to end up passing the inheritance to your nephew, contrary to your inner wish?

The NPP are faced with a similar unpalatable situation. They initially secretly or openly supported a candidate that they nearly imposed on the Kumawu constituency or constituents. The electorates were annoyed and resolved to vote for an independent candidate or the NDC.

Now that their plan has backfired, a consideration is being made in favour of an unknown female candidate; in the scenario, the nephew.

However, the elder son in the scenario is that one Ernest Yaw Anim who has the support of the entire late Philip Basoah’s camp. The people here are resolutely determined to cast a protest vote to bring in NDC or the independent candidate, Kwaku Duah, to the regret of the father, thus, the NPP, were Ernest not given the nod at the NPP primaries scheduled for Sunday, 23 April 2023.

The younger son and his camp or supporters are to be prevailed upon to throw their weight behind the elder son (Ernest Yaw Anim) as by that, they stand to gain somehow than losing everything if the inheritance goes to the nephew who will in no time blow things up.

Things are blown up if by any mistake on the part of NPP they end up handing victory to the NDC or the independent candidate.

I will conclude by pleading with the NPP delegates to go for Yaw Anim, despite him allegedly being from the Basoah camp. If those from the other camp can be persuaded to put their differences aside in the interest of NPP, they had better do so to help retain the Kumawu constituency seat for NPP.

You had better understand the pain of those in Basoah’s camp that will take time to heal. Nevertheless, as there is not that much ample time, it is those in the other camp that must make sacrifices to bring about peace and victory to NPP.

A divided family or house or kingdom cannot stand, this is a biblical truth.

I am for NPP and for their winning this crucial by-election hence suggesting the strategic way forward.

I only report the news and activities as are ongoing in the constituency.

A word to the wise is enough. Over to you, NPP opinion leaders, delegates and top national and regional leaders.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo
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