On sexuality education, Ghanaian politicians and believers have turned to the God they don’t respect

NAPO CSE Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, Education Minister

Fri, 4 Oct 2019 Source: Kwame Boakye

John 14:15 has a very relevant message for all who believe in the bible.

“If you love me, keep my commands”.

1 Peter 1:14 adds icing to the sweet loving God quote:

“As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance.”

The Qur’an has a similar message when it comes to obedience.

Surah Al-Anfal – Verses 20-21

20. “O' you who have Faith! Obey Allah and His Messenger, and do not turn away from him while you hear (him).”

21. “And be not like those who say: ‘We heard’, but they do not hear (indeed).”

Ghana is nothing short of a country built on the foundations of religious beliefs. Information from the Central Intelligence Agency show that out of the nearly 30 million people living in the West African country, 71.2% are Christians, 17.6 % are Muslims, 5.2% are traditionalists with the rest making up other religions.

It is no surprise that when matters of national interest is being discussed, religious values play a key role in shaping the conversation.

But how has a country that has so much ‘good values’ as a people been plunged in a state of disorder in all aspect of its doings going contrary to all the value cards being pulled in the length and breadth of its borders?

Here’s a look at the hypocritical nature of Ghanaian politicians and believers in dealing with Comprehensive Sexual Education debate.

Comprehensive Sexual Education

A popular Twi adage perfectly reflects how Ghanaians sometimes act and think. ‘Wop3 as3m suro as3m’ is a perfect fit for conversational themes around sex education in Ghana.

For years, parents have been encouraged to have the ‘sex talk’ with their children to give them the right information as opposed to what is on the streets.

When the chance to have an outlined scheme of going about sex education, the same politicians that call on God during their most convenient time strategically preyed on the beliefs of one of the most vulnerable people you’ll find on earth, people who believe in religion.

In statements, posts and photos peddled with lies (remember the Bible and other religious books talk about not lying), politicians preyed on the innocence of the vulnerable to plant their agenda in their head.

Knowing most people would not have access to read the proposed guidelines for the Comprehensive Sexuality Education, they strategically flourished in an agenda God will certainly not be pleased with per what we know about Him.

Here are the facts of the Comprehensive Sexual Education document.

First of all, Comprehensive Sexual Education is not a subject. And in no part of the entire listed modules and sessions of the document from age 4 to 17 was there a mention of teaching children how to masturbate or watch pornography.

The modules which were scripted around the ages of pupils and students have things around our values, social norms and what we believe in, one of the key points raised by many hypocrites who have obviously not read the document.

It goes on to outline topics and discussions like families and relationships, religion and social values, puberty and changes as we grow, fertility and pregnancy-related issues, gender empowerment that have been around in Ghanaian schools for years.

So why is there outrage on what we already do? The politicians that are vehemently pushing for Ghana to continue obeying God’s principles as a nation are the very ones who initiated this unpopular agenda by disobeying that same God.

The LGBTQ Agenda

One of the most significant claims for showing so much disgust towards the Comprehensive Sexual Education is about pushing an agenda for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community.

With so many lies and pretence among politicians and leaders of communities these days, that suspected claims cannot be overlooked.

Ghana is still a nation that only recognizes two genders per its laws. And until there is a change in that aspect of the law, no agenda concerning LGBTQ should be pushed in the various schools available in the country. It’s called respecting the laws, something religious bodies all adhere to.

However, when topics arise for discussion, it is not for the entire population to just brush aside relevant aspects of it with emotional backing from their religious leaders.

The world knows Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a real threat to deal with if it gets out of hand. Notwithstanding, it is still gaining grounds in the tech world because of all the good things it has to offer. No one is brushing aside promoting teaching children on how to code at an early state irrespective of the fact that there could be outliners who may go wayward and be good in cyber fraud and other vices.

So, how is Comprehensive Sexual Education different? It’s just emotions talking instead of finding the best way to not make this an LGBTQ agenda but a very relevant sexuality education.

The Rants

A former president of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama has disclosed understanding the ‘outrage of the moral society’ opposing the Comprehensive Sexuality.

The Minister of Education, Honorable Mathew Opoku Prempeh has in a lot of ways not gone by the values in some of his comments relating to Ghana as a religious community.

Most of his comments have been contradictory and in simple plain terms, lies when it comes to updating the general public on the state of Comprehensive Sexual Education in the school curriculum.

Sam Nartey George, Member of Parliament for Ningo-Prampram also said this ‘ungodly CSE’ will not be taught in his constituency.

One of the key parties who perfectly described how Ghanaian politicians feel about infiltrating our culture with any unwanted sexual agenda is the Member of Parliament for Adansi-Asokwa in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, Kobina Tahir Hammond.

In a vividly described though of action with a touch of exaggeration, KT Hammond said the Speaker of Parliament will burn the House, Majority Leader will run into the bush and die with the Minority Leader stripping naked to jump into the sea.

The Member of Parliament also likened it to the Bible story about Sodom and Gomorrah.

How convenient for all the politicians calling on Ghanaians to preserve the moral and religious values of a country they keep disappointing by not preserving the moral and religious values of the same country.

Politicians blatantly lie in the eyes of the people they are to serve and in no way show the principles and leadership styles put down by the God they are clinging on in the Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

The Bible has a lot of scriptures that could make the lives of Ghanaians better. When the talk about CSE is over, think about these scriptures too … with the same passion and zeal.

Religious Groups

In documentations about Jesus’ visit to earth, the Son of God did not cover up topics on hypocrites around. For sure, they will be around for long.

A lot of comments on what has been branded ‘Comprehensive Satanic Engagement’ by some religious personnel shows a sheer lack of analysis and investigation into what the actual modules are.

The very few that have an idea are also blatantly exaggerating based on emotions.

Can we all have the same emotions towards the livelihood of our religious members and the poor state of our nation when there are so many things individuals and religious organizations can do?

Of course, something is being done already but if we keep the same energy around CSE for other things our religious books have commanded, Ghana will be so much better than men of God pilling up their riches on earth when the Bible ask for it to be piled up in heaven.

Columnist: Kwame Boakye
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