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Open letter to the President: I AM SCARED

Akufoaddo Sad1 President Akufo-Addo during the 2016 electioneering campaign promised to tighten security

Fri, 2 Mar 2018 Source: Honour Agbemor-Flint

Good day Mr. President.

Please the last time I wrote you an open letter, it was on a similar subject. The murder of Major Mahama.

I am here again writing you an open letter because I am scared. I am scared as a Ghanaian because I don't feel safe at all.

I remember you promised me of tightened security both from internal and external attacks. Barely a year on, all I hear is one kind of killing or the other.

Not a single day passes without news of somebody being murdered or killed. It is a common thing now to have armed robbers break into your home and murder you. Our homes are supposed to be our safe heavens but we are more scared sleeping in them. The lives of our loved ones always placed at the mercies of these uncivilized and merciless robbers.

Mr. President, They sometimes even rape our wives, daughters and sisters in front of us.

Armed robbers now attack us at our workplaces with impunity in broad daylight. They stripe us naked if they have the luxury of time.

They trace us from banks to our homes or offices and kill us before taking our possessions usually money away.

Mr. President, you can be killed just for passing by a robbery scene. Innocent lives are being lost every day.

Mr. President, these robbers attack us on our roads everyday especially during long journeys. As for car snatching, it's so common I am sure victims no longer report to the police when it occurs.

Your Excellency Nana Addo, you see, I get more scared because these robbers now are bold enough to attack Police Stations, kill Police officers and free fellow robbers in custody. I remember fondly the murder of the policeman on duty at Lapaz late last year. They are just not afraid of anybody. They don't care if they die in their spree or not.

But I care about myself, my family and friends and the entire Ghanaian inhabitant. I care about the innocent lives being lost every day. I care about the wailing, the tears and the pain that these deaths are causing us all. I care because if you are not an "Ebony" nobody really cares.

I am concerned Mr. President because I care.

I care to know who is in charge of security of this country.

Mr. President, please are you in charge?

I know you can't be everywhere but who is in charge? The Government or the Criminals?

What kind of intelligence reports do they give you? Is it possible the crime rate is high because the youth are jobless? Is it possible the crime rate is high because the criminals are always a step or more ahead of our security agents?

Mr. President, I don't know because I was not elected to take care of the security of this country. Even though I am primarily responsible for my own safety, I voted for you because you promised to take care of my general security. You promised that the crime rate will reduce drastically but it looks like it's rather increasing by the day.

The funny part, Mr. President, is that the police always say they are in charge. Are they really in charge?

No, they are not. No, you are not Mr. President. I need to feel safer.

I need to feel more protected. I need to be able to wake up to no news of any form of robbery or murder. The bad news reportage is tarnishing all the good work you are doing Mr. President.

If we keep being murdered, we will remember you as a President who didn't prevent the killings of our mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and friends and relatives.

We won't remember the free SHS because a student was killed before he could finish his last paper.

We won't remember the health sector reforms because a pregnant woman was murdered on her way from a regular antenatal check-up.

Mr. President the gains in the Agric Sector will be shoved under our beds because we will remember the murder of farmers and their livestock on their Farms.

Mr. President, I can go on and on to express my thoughts but that won't be necessary because you can read the underlying fact; I AM SCARED.

If you are really in Charge your Excellency, Let me See it.

If you are really in Charge Mr. President, let the robberies end.

If you are really in Charge Nana, please let me not be sacred.

Thank you.

Columnist: Honour Agbemor-Flint
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