Respectfully; let’s get serious with tackling crime

IGP David Asante Apeatu Soiree David Asante-Apeatu, Inspector General of Police

Thu, 1 Mar 2018 Source: Barnabas Nii Laryea IV

The Inspector General of Police

The Minister of Interior

The National Security Coordinator

Dear Sirs,

I overhead one of you (I bet Hon. Ambrose Dery) on air saying the police is going to buy 3 Helicopters to fight crime.

I laughed on my way home in traffic like a little baby because I was convinced the issue at hand was either too classified for your understanding or too complex for your assimilation.

Today, A police helicopter costs from $500,000 to $3 million to acquire, and $200-$400 an hour to fly. Lets test your logic Sir. I personally know one police station in Tema, they have only one pick-up which is used by the station commander for lunch, to pick his children from school and whatever shenanigans.

When there is a crime in that vicinity, they will tell you to come and pick them, YES: I should tell the Armed Robbers I am going to pick police and come, so they should wait for my return. This is the nitty gritty of the danger we are facing as citizens that you either don’t get or you are excited about procuring a chopper. (YES SINGLE SOURCED IT WILL BE)

So, if you buy the Helicopters and you TRACK AND FIND the ROBBERS from the SKY, the citizens will catch them for you on land? Or you will train Paratroopers to fly down and effect arrests? Ah, why are we buying a Range Rover when we currently live in a compound house?

One of you also said two days ago, after ballyhooing your rank as 3rd in West Africa and 8th in Africa, that you are inefficient to tackle the current crime rate because you;

1. Lack Logistics

2. Lack Training

3. Lack of Men

4. Lack of Accommodation (this is weird, i don't get the link)

You realized this after withdrawing SALARY for 14months? You see, last year one of your gallant officers was killed for free not because he was incompetent but simply because he could not use the faulty weapon that had been assigned to him.

Seniors! We have not heard that there has been an overhaul and servicing of these weapons but we trust you did and brought in some better ammunitions (oh I forgot u r looking for some logistics)

I am sure that officer was buried with a lot of contribution, we read nice tributes but no one owned up or resigned for their failure to detect or resolve such petty administrative issues within your force.

Following that, a bunch of audacious hooligans comfortably walked into your station and once again killed one of your own and freed a bunch of criminals into our streets. Once again, we caught some and made noise we are working. THE POLICE CANNOT WORK ONLY WHEN ITS MEN ARE ATTACKED.

We have politicized institutions all over in this country, travel to Israel today, last two weeks, the police there issued a statement and indicated they have found substantial evidence to INDICT the current prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu - ?????? ?????? for allegedly taking bribes.


So I do not blame you all entirely, I blame the kind of democracy we are practicing, that illusion FACADE-crazy which makes people hanker to appoint their friends to high offices rather than capable and adroit people.

What happened to the COMMUNITY POLICING?

Oh it is NOT you who started it I know I know I know :)

Ah before I forget, we all called NDC people INCOMPETENT, yes they were clumsy in the management of the economy but what is a WORKING GHANA where INVESTORS won’t feel safe to bring their investible funds?

Are we slaving 8am - 5pm, working hard for thieves to come and take it back in 10mins when we have to rest and continue working for Mother Ghana?

Finally, STOP the we have the situation under control.

It is becoming a robbery promo, Kill One, Steal Two Free and that obviously is the situation having YOU GUYS under control.


If you lack men, the SOLDIERS are not at WAR, and they are ever ready to bring SANITY on our streets and communities like Brazil is doing to DRUG GANGS currently.

I respectfully tender my thoughts as a Citizen of the Republic you are allowed to use your political lens to analyze and you are allowed to see objectivity and contribute but don’t be overtaken by foolishness. You won’t survive it.

Best Regards, Barnabas Nii Laryea IV FN CEO

Columnist: Barnabas Nii Laryea IV
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