Use NCCE to educate Ghanaians on voters registration exercise - Boniface to EC

Boniface Abubakar Saddique 750x406 Member of Parliament for Madina Constituency, Alhaji Abubakar Boniface

Thu, 1 Oct 2020 Source: happyghana.com

The Member of Parliament for the Madina Constituency, Alhaji Abubakar Boniface has disclosed that successive governments perceive the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) to be in the pocket of all past governments.

The politician attributed this as the inhibitor to the growth of the Commission and why they can’t execute their mandate.

Explaining why the once vibrant NCCE has become dormant and under-resourced by past administrations, he said, “the Commission in the past has been seen as government machinery with allegiance and subsequent governments have ever since questioned their loyalty”.

He made this known in an interview with Happy 98.9 FM’s Samuel Eshun, host of the Happy Morning Show.

The MP, however, believes the Commission is an essential tool for the development of Ghana and should be resourced to achieve its mandate.

He indicated that if the Commission had been funded prior to the voter registration exercise, they would have undertaken workshops to educate citizens on their rights as voters and this would have encouraged more people to get registered unto the voter roll.

“The EC could’ve used the NCCE to educate Ghanaians and more announcements would’ve been made for this election and voter registration exercise”.

He added, If we had a well equipped NCCE, we will not be facing the problems we have now.

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) which is responsible for educating Ghanaians on civic matters, has over the past years not been effective in achieving its mandate.

The Commission prior to the voter registration exercise was under-resourced and could not educate enough on the need for the exercise.

Source: happyghana.com
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