What verdict should nana addo accept??

Mon, 20 May 2013 Source: Sargoe, Diana

It is no secret that our world today and especially our dear country Ghana is suffering today because of injustice. Our current election 2012 petition before the SC borders on alleged voilations and injustices on the part of the EC with the likely conivance of the Presidency and the NDC.

The petitioners being peace loving did not turn Ghana into Kenya as President Evans Atta Mills and the NDC would have loved to, but decided to approach the altar of the SC to seek justice. The Ghanaian they say is peace loving; but can there be genuine peace without justice? The call for peace in Ghana started way back before the December 7, 2012 elections. Various interest groups cried and prayed for peace before, during and after the December 2012 elections.

Various activities were held to echoe the need for peace in the 2012 elections, the most notable being the Kumasi declaration where all Presidential Candidates were asked to pledge to accept the out come of the elections by our venerable King Osei Tutu ii.

This trap of a declaration for peace without justice was quick to be noticed with a call for justice to prevail in the election if true peace was to be attained. The call for justice by Nana Akuffo Addo was strangled by most radio stations the country over, who interpreted this call for justice as a conditionality for peace. How sad but most of the station were NDC properganda paid stugees who prepared the breeding ground for the 2012 election to be rigged with massive irregularities of gargantuan proportions.

What elections results were the presidential candidates of the December 2012 elections pledging to accept? Is it results that will be flooded with massive irregularities or to accept election results that deny them their right to justice? Though one was sceptical about these blind demand to Presidential candidates to pledge to accept the results, all presidential candidates were required to so blindly pledge hence we had to tolerate it.

After the results had been declared amidst massive irregularities that denied justice to some parties and Presidential candidates, particularly of Nana Akuffo Addo of the New Patriotic Party, many are they that said " Though the elections had been frauded with many irregularities they should let go." (Gyae ma nkaa ) all in the quest for peace with no justice.

Thanksfully, the Gyae ma nkaa myth has failed to bully Ghana this time round hence the election 2012 petition at the SC. One would have expected every Ghanaian that loves peace and justice to patiently wait for the SC to deliver their verdict; but here we are with eminent personalities prevailing upon Nana Addo to pledge to abide by whatever verdict the SC gives; when the SC court judges have recently ruled that their decision in the election petition could be subject to a judicial review.

Now what SC outcome is Nana Akuffo Addo pledging to accept? Is it the one decided by the nine eminent SC justices or the one that might be reviewed? Why is it thought that Nana Addo would not accept the ruling of the SC? Is the likely outcome already known like the election 2012 results? Why was this wise counsel from King Solomon not also given to president Mahama when he was also visited? Was the great King very certain that President Mahama would accept the SC verdict and therefore there was no need telling him? Is the great King implying that if the SC verdict denies a party to the suit the justice he desrves then it should be accepted?

I personally think this wise admonishing was to the wrong person, and should have rightly gone to the eminent justices of the SC to be fair and truthful in their ruling on the election petition. Is Nana Addo to accept a ruling that says; "The petitioners have a case but once the EC has declared someone else so be it or the petitioners have proved their case but since your polling Agents did not complain so be it? Is this the verdict Nana Addo should take a vow to accept?

Certainly why would Nana Addo not accept a verdict that proves that the alledge irregularities, malpratices and massive statutory voilations have not sufficiently been established in court against the EC and the respondents? Or a ruling that establishes that the impact of the irregularities, omitions and statutory voilations are so insignicant as to call for a re- run or over turn the results as declared by th EC.

I am of the firm view that the current election 2012 petition case before the SC was avoidable if the call for peace before, during and after the election from all quarters was followed up with the call for justice before,during and after the election. Let all peace loving Ghanaians avoid the trap that seeks for peace at the peril of hanging justice and truth.

Diana Sargoe

Columnist: Sargoe, Diana