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While the NDC are Lions, the NPP are Buffaloes

Ndc Nppflags File photo: NPP and NDC paraphernalia

Thu, 18 Feb 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

After weeks of cogitation, l have decided to put out this analogical publication where the NDC are assumed to be lions while the NPP are buffaloes were they to live in the jungle.

I have observed over the past many years that the NDC always rally in support of each of their members and their common causes in whatever situations they find themselves. They may not be right and the time of their action and objective may be wrong but that is how they are.

They want to survive and rule hence see unshakable solidarity as the most important tool to use. In unity lies strength. Therefore, they always unite to bring their common rival down no matter how strong that rival is.

If you watch videos on wildlife, you will see how lions ambush bigger and stronger animals like buffaloes and easily bring them down as prey. A single lion can attack a buffalo and when it finds it difficult to kill it, other lions nearby join in to kill the prey.

However, the NPP on the other hand are seen to come across as buffaloes. In the wild, a single lion can frighten off a group of buffaloes. While they run away, it will attack one. The other buffaloes may not come to the aid of the one attacked.

At times when they turn their eyes back to see their fellow is under attack, they will be standing a distance away watching, leaving it to its fate.

It is seldom that you will see another buffalo go to the aid of the one in trouble. However, they are far bigger than the lions and a simple group stand off by them may be enough to scare the lions but they don't do it.

In the NPP, they are noted to leave most of their members to their fate. The NPP are noted for pursuing what may be selfish individual's agenda. They seem to believe in the philosophy of "We are all for God but each one for himself" although naturally, the NPP governments introduce and implement policies that are always in the best collective interests of the country and the people.

For the unity within the NDC, although oftentimes for wrong and stupid reasons, they have been able to silence and scared the most powerful traditional overlord in Ghana from ever poking his nose into their affairs. They have scared him shitless.

On a scary sight where the NPP will be barking like a dog, the NDC will just look, blink and turn away their eyes like the cat. They can't be scared because of the solidarity among them with them being one another's keeper.

I will suggest to the NPP to adopt strategies that will bring substantial cohesion among them to be able to fight to achieve their goals for Ghana. They have to rally behind one another in the best interests of the country, the party and the people.

The NPP leadership must listen to the voice of the constituents when making local government appointments but not to the selfish requests by certain selfish individuals.

The NPP ain't seen nothing yet should they continue to behave like buffaloes that will leave each one to himself in what is the survival of the fittest.

The survival of the fittest is not about the strongest animal but the one that is able to adapt to the surrounding harsh conditions. The lions, hyenas and elephants unite to survive in the jungle.

The NPP must unite strategically, seeing each other's burdens as their own to better survive on the undulating harsh political terrain in Ghana.

A word to the wise is enough.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo
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