Why Western Leaders Descended On Soweto

Fri, 27 Dec 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Mandela’s Death

The late Nelson Mandela’s anti – Apartheid fight which landed him in jail for 27 solid years and finally won him WORLD WIDE ACCLAMATION did not emanate from those Western Leaders notably, the United States, Britain, France, Germany and Italy who called him names and wanted him eliminated.

They called him unprintable names and accused him of crimes they (Western Leaders) themselves have committed and continue to commit daily in the name of a so called democracy which means DEATH TO BLACK AFRICANS and nothing more.

The United States of America once placed Mandela on A TERROR WATCH LIST in full support of the inhuman Apartheid Regime in South Africa

Nelson Mandela was finally released from prison on 11th February, 1990 and he contested elections and beat the Apartheid regimes Presidential candidate to become President of the Republic of South Africa and was inaugurated on 10th May 1994 and stepped down as President due to ill health after one term of office in 1999. He never answered RACISM with RACISM all his life despite terrible provocations by the Apartheid minority and their western collaborators. He did not allow himself to be distracted from the shameless and spineless western critics who are now falling over each other to shower praises on him after he has succeeded in dismantling Apartheid half way by the help of God.


President Obama travelled to the funeral with his wife former US Presidents Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and George Bush, and described Mandela as a GIANT OF HISTORY and further described him as the LAST LIBERATOR OF THE 20TH CENTURY. Do you know why Obama made that statement? It means that ANYBODY in Africa or any part of the world can never become a Liberator in his own sovereign country UNLESS he is backed by Western powers led by the United States. If you attempt it, the US will send its Unmanned Drones to kill you. Mr. Obama added that Mandela taught the WORLD the power of ACTION and the power of IDEAS and that it had taken a man like Mandela to FREE NOT ONLY THE PRISONER BUT ALSO THE JAILER. We will never see the likes of Mandela again. Yes he spoke the TRUTH because any rebel who sticks out his neck to fights oppression in his country will be eliminated by US Unmanned Drones within a twinkle of an eye. What world are we now living in? The late Nelson Mandela became one of the fiercest critics of former US President George Bush’s illegal Invasion of Iraq in 2003 and wondered by asking the question thus’ Why does the United States behave so arrogantly? Who are they now to pretend that THEY ARE THE POLICEMAN OF THE WORLD? President Saddam Husseini of Iraq never possessed ANY WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION and yet the United States declared war on him and finally had him hanged and there have never been peace in Iraq since then. They went to Libya and murdered Brother Gaddafi for nothing because of OIL in 2011 and Nelson Mandela’s legacy is one of complete FEARLESSNESS because anyone who can tell his oppressors; ‘’I am prepared to die’’ fighting you is someone to be revered and he deserved it.


In keeping with Mr. Mandela’s Legacy, the current and former Presidents of the United States of America, Barrack Obama, and Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and his wife and George Bush all went to his funeral together with their wives. It was a formidable delegation from the United States – which is a reflection of the impact that Nelson Mandela has made on America as well as African Politics. Also, the current and former Presidents of France. Francois Hollandes and Nicholas Sarkozy who are known to be bitter rivals arrived together to attend the funeral.

Yet again, four British Prime Ministers were also there – Mr. David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, and John Major and this has been the first time for several years that ALL THE SURVIVING UK PRIME MINISTERS HAVE TRAVELLED ABROAD TO THE SAME EVENT. Cuba’s Raul Castro of Communists Cuba also attended the funeral of his former Comrade Mandela. So why did Western Leaders descend on Soweto with Multiple Delegations? It is not because these Western Leaders love Mandela, but they are turning him from a Terrorist into a Saint simply because his behavior served their interests when he was alive. To do that now that he is dead. It is because Mandela failed to dismantle the Economic Structures of Apartheid. (2) He protected all those white criminals who committed crimes against humanity with impunity.

(3) Mandela sidelined all the radical leaders of African National Congress ANC including his own former wife – Winnie Mandela from wreaking vengeance or harassing the white minority that presided over the murderous Apartheid Regime in South Africa.

Therefore, the Western Leaders descended on Soweto in their numbers NOT because they loved Mandela, but because of the 3 reasons listed above.


On page 62 of the November / December issue of the Africa watch magazine, the paper talks about America’s racist judicial system. According to the paper, African Americans constitute 13% of the US population but nearly 50% of its prison inmates are Black People. Why is it so? It is an indirect Apartheid in the United States of America.

For more than 400 years since America became a nation according to the paper, laws on American soil have been used to preserve WHITE PRIVILEGE – and this is a Nation that believes in Freedom and Free Society – how sad: In 1985, one Timothy Cole an African American student at Texas Tech University was ‘’convicted’’ and sentenced to 25 years prison for rape, but ten years after his conviction, the real rapist, Jerry Johnson wrote several letters to Texas Persecutors confession to the crime. The Persecutors ignored the letters and Cole died in prison in 1999.

However in 2007, Persecutors finally agreed to run DNA tests and when the results were released, it was Johnson’s DNA that was found on the Swabs in the rape list, and Cole’s conviction was over turned in 2009 ten good years after he had died in prison for a crime he did not commit but because he was a black man, he deserved that illegal imprisonment and that untimely death.

See Africa watch – page 62 and 65 for more. This is not only very sad but very very shameful on the part of President Obama’s government that is only interested in dispatching DRONES to kill so – called terrorists in foreign countries sitting down unconcerned while African Americans are being sent to jail illegally simply because they are black.

President Obama must DO SOMETHING BEFORE HE DIE and must not behave like George Bush Jnr. The war monger because there are thousands of terrorists dominating America’s criminal justice system against black people so Obama must crack the whip there, other wise posterity will not forgive him at all.

Is any American listening? I shall return when the need arise. I am done ‘’Jaanbie Iwaii – Aluta Continua!







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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement